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Not so great

OK I ordered the mini version, putting it on a 08 with a F4 + 4 windshield. The intianal fitment showed me 1. its going to be ugly, 2 I will not be able to see speedo, tach and fuel/temp. 3. I cant raise it up any higher due to windshield vent.. So in short, I sent it back..

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Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Did not even last a 2 hour ride

Looked good when mounted. That is the only good thing I have to say. Broke within the first hour of a two hour ride....on country backroads, not even at highway speed!!

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Bad Tire Bad service

I bought a pair of these tires after 1800 miles the rear suddenly started making a rumbling sound. I checked it and the left side of the tire started to cup very badly right side and center of it are still perfect as is the front tire. I contacted Wing stuff and the told me I had to contact Avon. I have emailed Avon and they haven't bothered to reply. I have changed the rear tire with another brand for fear of the tire coming apart. I actually liked the tire until that point but 1800 miles life is unacceptable and they could have at least answered my email.

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Good Idea Yet—-

Bolts are not needed. With the brackets holes do not work well. That is I did not want to use a bungee cord hook which would rub against the seat. Needed a strap which I could adjust. Thus I took a dremel tool and cut out the piece between the holes to create a slot. Smoothed out the rough edges with a file. Found some small loop straps through a company out of Duluth and with some Rox Straps created a great tie down system.
Give it a try.

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Duluth, MN

Installed when replacing brakes and front tire on my 2012 . Put 1500 miles on last 4 days made a big difference in handlebar responce ended up hitting 2miles of road work where they ground down the aspalt . Was amazed the bars wernt vibratilg out of my hands .

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Federal Way, WA
8 years of use

See original review dated 8/4/2010
For the life of me I cant get more than 2 years out of a replacement sensor. They claim they redesigned them but after inspection the new sensors ($39.95 EACH) look just like the old ($25 each).
I go through a set of tires every 2 years also so when the tires get replaced I always order a new set of sensors because mine are between the rim and tire. when/if a sensor goes bad I just unprogram it from the unit until I replace the tire.
My Wing now has 73000 miles on it and I'm working on my 5th set of sensors. Do I wish they lasted longer? Yup Do I regret purchasing? He_L no!

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Heber, UT
Very Nice

I ordered this because I can grasp the concept of what it is, and how it may work, but to be down rite honest with you, I don't notice much difference. It looks really nice, and is nicely made, but the kind of riding my wife and I do, its just hard to say that it helps

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127 East Avenue 41, CA
Uclear Amp Plus

I had used the original Uclear HBC100 for several years, so this was a natural upgrade. The sound quality is much better for a helmet headset and the new Boost Pro speakers with the remote mic are great.
The customer service from Wingstuff was great. Bud took care of my order to make sure it shipped with the correct speakers.

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Clarkson, KY
Tank accents

I like the looks of them, but don’t wear any good jeans or slacks because they will be black from the rubber against your knees. I haven’t found anything to keep it from blacking your pants.

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I'm happy with this product

I've had no problems with my headset; have used it for the past three years. Padding is nice, sound quality decent, and mic pickup just fine. I also like the small diameter plug at the helmet. The cord length is just right too.

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