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Rick's Reviews - Episode 17 Helibars Horizon SST Handlebars

In this 17th installment of Rick's Reviews,'s President and Founder Rick Arnoldo shares his insights on the SST Horizon Adjustable Handlebars by HeliBars.

About the product:
  • Height and Reach adjustability 0-3" taller than stock
  • 0-4" closer to the rider (also able to move 0.5" closer to fairing)
  • No hydraulic line modification or bleeding required
  • Uses all factory components
  • Re-uses factory bar end damper assemblies
  • Handlebar mounting adapter included
  • All components included for complete installation
  • "My bike handles so much better now."
  • "Handling at low and high speeds is vastly improved."
  • "I ride with a higher degree of confidence now."
  • "My trike feels like I have power steering."
  • "My bike feels 300 pounds lighter now.

Luxury sport touring has never been this good, and because they're completely adjustable you can find your own personal sweet spot. So whether you've spent a fortune on your front forks or they're completely stock, cure the real handling problem at the source.

Prove to yourself that they're not exaggerating, and enjoy the best ride of your life!

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