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Trunk Liner for 2018-20 Gold Wing Tour
ITEM CODE: KU5269,   SKU: KU5269

Joe Verified Buyer
Doesn't take advantage of the full size of the trunk.
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Belly Pan for 2018+ Gold Wing

Joe Verified Buyer
Had to bend the supplied brackets to get it to fit right, even though supposedly this problem has been fixed. Doesn't fit exactly flush with the bottom of the forward cowling, unless maybe I bend the brackets again some more, which I'm not going to do. But anyway it's basically almost invisible from a standing position. I suppose it will do the job if necessary. A bit thin, but that's a trade off for decreased weight as opposed to the Traxxion skid plate. Note: I was able to get the right side bracket on without removing any plastic, but had to take off some of the trim to rethread the engine guard bolt on the left side. But maybe someone might have skinnier fingers than I do.
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Motorcycle Oversize Beaded Seat Cover
ITEM CODE: AO678034B,   SKU: AO678034B

The seat works well, and does what it's advertised to do, but the fishing type cord that holds the bead together is weak.I dragged my foot across it three times getting off the bike (yes I stand on the peg when dismounting), and it snapped the line and the beads came apart.OK, guess I need to be more careful, but this line can't be expensive, why not use heavier gauge or double it up?
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Passenger Handles for 2018+ Gold Wing

2 screws out of 4 to attach the handles to the plates were missing. Had to rummage thru my parts bin to find replacements.
Seems and is obvious, but instructions don't say to attach the handles to the plates before installing the plates.
No matter how tight I fasten the flat head screws holding the plates and spaces onto the bike, there is still some "rocking" (very slight) back and forth after installation.
Will update later on when wife has a chance to test them.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing

I very rarely give 5 star reviews for anything, but these shields are great. Had on on my '03 also. They really do shed rain, and they really do hold up their clarity over the years.
I'm not in any way associated with F4.
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LED Marker Lights Red for 2018 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-923R,   SKU: BB52-923R

First off, my instructions were wrong as far as OEM L turn signal wire ID. They have been subsequently corrected, so if you've had one for awhile and are just now installing it, be sure to download the current instructions, don't use the ones in the box.
Secondly, the blinking function is barely noticeable although the running lights are fine. I asked them about this, and they said they recommend the use of their aux fuse block, as that will pull power from the battery instead of the Canbus. Well OK, however that's another over $100. The units should have been designed without the need for this. And I don't need an aux fuse block. The only accessory I have that doesn't wire directly to the bike's harness, is a radar detector, and that's easily run to the accessory screw on the OEM fuse block.
Thirdly, the spade connectors that they provide, do not make very solid connections. I'd highly recommend positaps for the very thing gauge OEM running and turn signal wires.
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LED Marker Lights Amber for 2018 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-922A,   SKU: BB52-922A

1. I see they've fixed the instructions, but on my set of front and rears, they had the instructions reversed for identifying the color of the OEM running and turn wires. This caused me an unbelievable amount of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong until I tried reversing wires. It's obviously they never gate a prototype to someone not involved with the project for a test install. Pretty unforgivable.

2. The spade connectors they provide make a lousy connection to the OEM wires. The wires are just to thin for the use of these things. I'd suggest positaps or something else. Besides tearing my hair out because of the bad instructions, I had to remove all 12 spade connectors and wire twist heat shrink everything.

3. The blinking function is barely noticeable.
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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs for 2018 Honda Gold Wing

Sent them back without installing them. They are very heavy, I weighed them at 9 pounds. That's 1/10th of the weight Honda cut off of the previous Wing.
Also, IMO only, they are very bulky looking. They cover a large part of the engine cover, and block out most of the "Honda" insignia.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Luggage Rack w/Rubber Inlay for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7151,   SKU: KU7151

Good looking unit. Very functional.

I bought the unit after my 12 year old one failed. Not really a problem as I overloaded it routinely with large luggage for long trips. It finally cracked but I can't blame them for that.

When installing the new unit the rear bolts bottomed out before the head of the bolt was flush with the underside of the trunk lid. I had the proper front and rear bolts in position. When I called customer service, a stressed out and obviously irritated employee probably from previous calls, told me in a sarcastic tone of voice to just add washers, as the the unit may not have had the threaded female holes drilled out deep enough. As if that's a satisfactory explanation.

So instead of going through the hassle of sending it back, I added about a 1/2" of multiple washers. So guess what. Because of the washers I added, the trunk inner plate wouldn't seat. So now I have to use a hole saw to drill out four large holes to accommodate the washers I had to add. Lovely. Good thing they're covered up by a canvas organizer.

Also, as I bought the new unit with the risers, the instructions for the risers say to drill 1/4" holes. However, as the trunk has a compound curve, you have to drill out slots, not holes, as the risers don't line up until the rack is fully seated. You have to be really careful doing this as your "slots" obviously can't be bigger than the riser footprints.
Bad design, although after all this modification it finally looks half decent, although the riser bases still don't quite line up with the top of the trunk surface.

FYI, I am an experienced mechanic, not a shade tree farkle installer. I don't write bad reviews out of spite or without thinking the issue fully through.
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