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Comfort Grip Covers
ITEM CODE: TR179222,   SKU: TR179222


Very Soft and Comfortable, but Too Thick for me

These grip covers are very nice, soft, and durable, only took 2 minutes to install with WD-40 on my F6B. I installed these a day before my 11 hour day ride to Yosemite. With the covers on, the grips are a lot thicker than stock, I don't have large hands, so I had to adjust the brake and clutch levers to the #5 setting so I could operate the levers correctly. But on the way back from Yosemite, my throttle hand began to cramp up badly (no cruise control). So, I am going to remove the stock Honda grips, and use the covers by them selves, then they will be the perfect fit for me.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


Factory Equipped 2013 F6B Tires

I have reached the 12K mark for my stock Bridgestone Tires. They have been ok tires, grip well in the corners, and get decent mileage out of them. But I have two complaints, 1) starting at 3K miles on the front tire, when I lean over in a turn, the tire whines, the more I lean the louder it whines. 2) The front tire has a center line down the middle of the tire, that causes the front of the Bike to wobble when riding on rain grooves on the freeway. The back tire has been good, no complaints at all, but at 12K miles, I notice the rear tire is not round, has the dreaded flat ring down the middle of the tire. I am putting my F6B into the shop this weekend, having some Dunlop Elite 3 Radials installed, which will take care of the rain groove problem.
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Glove Box Cubby Gloss Black for GL1800 2nd Gen/Honda F6B
ITEM CODE: KU1668,   SKU: KU1668


I Don't Ride Without It!!!

This is one of the must useful items I have put on my F6B! Now I always ride with a bottle of water with me to stay hydrated at all times. It is also useful when pulling up to a drive-thru window at a fast food place for a coffee, milkshake, or soda. It takes only 30 seconds to install. The smooth gloss black cover looks a lot better on my Black F6B then the original ruff flat black cover. Well worth the money!
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ITEM: BB52838



I could not mount this to my F6B, the spacers were too short to clear the hand rail ends. Very frustrating. I kept my factory stock one instead. It would of been a great product, if they had longer spacers.
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Ergo II Cruise Pegs Gloss Black fit F6B, GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3995,   SKU: KU3995


Excellent Hi-Way Pegs!

I have had these hiway pegs on my 2013 F6B for almost a year now, they are great for long freeway rides, for stretching the legs, and having the air go up your pants legs on hot days. Very easy to mount, and the quality it superb!
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Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts
ITEM CODE: KU4328,   SKU: KU4328


Excellent Mini-Floor Boards!

I bought the Chrome Mini-Boards to match the he stock rear foot pegs on my F6B. The stock foot pegs are very uncomfortable for riding more than 30 minutes on the Freeway. I installed these Mini-Floor Boards, then rode over to Santa Cruz (from San Jose) for Breakfast. Very comfortable, except I had Boards mounted in the center hole, I had to upshift with the side of my boot. When I got back, I mounted the Boards in the First Hole, moving the Boards backward, and at a angled position (the heal is up one notch higher). Perfect! I can now shift gears perfectly, and my feet don't get tired. Definitely a better riding position! Well worth the Money, and the Quality is Superb!
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