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Black 1994 Honda Goldwing

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black 2013 suzuki C50

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silver 2008 Harley Davidson Road King

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Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. Sena 50S Bluetooth Communication Systems

CARDO it's waterproof
Without a doubt, waterproof is the deciding factor. I can't afford to buy a new unit if it gets wet. Sena doesn't cover a water damaged unit so you are then SOL. It's CARDO all the way.

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Oil Filter Wrench
ITEM CODE: BB4201,   SKU: BB4201

I tried strap wrenches, band wrenches and cap wrenches. This wrench is the one that workes best. No slip or crush. Use it to put the filter on or take it off.
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Mirror Trim for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52683,   SKU: BB52683

Nice add-on to make the mirror look finished off. A little mold flashing on the set I received. That's why the 4 star rating.
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Heavy Duty 8 Ft. Motorcycle Jumper Cables
ITEM CODE: AP1867500,   SKU: AP1867500

The best insurance you can buy. You don't want to use these but if you ever need them you'll be thankfull you have then. I was.
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Waterproof Lighted Volt Meter
ITEM CODE: HO37453ZW5000ZA,   SKU: HO37453ZW5000ZA

Easy install. Looks factory. Peace of mind on trips. The factory wire connection is hard to find up under the right speaker. It.s just out of reach but it's there. Have patients and you'll find it after moving the rubber trim from the mirror mount.
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5-pc Assorted Grommet Kit
ITEM CODE: BB52691,   SKU: BB52691

Sooner or later you'll need this kit. This is the one to buy. All gromets are included in this kit.
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Quality EBC Brake Pads

These stop you smooth and quiet. They fit perfect.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

These are the classiest boards you can buy. Worth every penny. They match the driver and passenger boards perfectly. Having another place to rest your feet on long rides lets you ride longer between stops. Now I stop when I need gas and not in between. These are overbuilt units.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038

These are the classiest boards you can buy. Worth every penny. They match the passenger boards perfect. It takes less then an hour to install and adds to the riding experience.
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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006

These are the classiest boards you can buy. Worth every penny. They match the driver boards perfect.
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Spray Polish & Cleaner

This is all that touches my windshield besides water.
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Original Spray Cleaner Polish
ITEM CODE: TR530396,   SKU: TR530396

I've used them all and this is the BEST!!!

I hope they keep this in stock. Rumor has it Honda will be closing out this item. I thinj I'll buy a case of this stuff.
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Chrome Key Plate Accent w/Rubber Pad for 2001-2005 GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52758,   SKU: BB52758

Not what I expected. It is chrome but scratches. The rubber isn't placed in a position to keep the keys off the chrome. I'm considering putting the original trim back on. I like the Honda emblem.
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