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McAllen, TX, US,




I've been riding on and off for almost 40 years. I enjoy riding metric bikes, but still like the look and sound of a Harley. Recently traded out my 07 VTX 1300 on a 2012 Wing. My wife and I are looking forward to some great touring this fall and winter, we live in South Texas!
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Candy Red 2012 Honda Gl 1800

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ITEM: KU7302

This plug and play harness adapter works great!! I would suggest that you use electrical heat shrink tubing on all your connections to complete your installation. Plugs will stay put and protected from the weather too!
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ITEM: PG00127

These look great! I added them at the same time I put in the clear lens into the turn signal housing. The plug and play does not have a catch made onto it. I suggest that you do what I did and use some electrical heat shrink tubing on the plug-in so the plug will not work loose.
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LED Front Reflector Conversion for GL1800/F6B
ITEM CODE: KU7455,   SKU: KU7455

Look great and a super easy install! This should have been a factory item in my opinion!
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Chrome Fender Extender w/Rubber for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7352,   SKU: KU7352

I love the look and it will certainly help to keep my chrome cowl clean. I did have a little difficultly mounting. I did not remove fender and even after dry runs I still had a slight misalignment. The only one that will know that is me!!!
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Chrome Passenger Floorboard Side Covers
ITEM CODE: KU7506,   SKU: KU7506

The covers look great! Slick install, no problem with mounting hole location. I did remove floorboards, this makes the difference with the fitment on the mounting holes.
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Factory Service Manual for GL1800 2006-2010

Wow! Just got my service manual with all the updates! Guess what it came in the ring binder and I'm looking too getting my hands into my wing as needed. The service manual is an absolute must!! I had a manual for my VTX and used it many many times!
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Red LED w/Clear Lense Chrome Trunk Handle
ITEM CODE: KU3215,   SKU: KU3215

The Kury trunk handle is the best looking one offered for sale anywhere! Looks and functionality are the best in my opinion of all the manufacturers! The one thing that concerned me was that so many guys mentioned in their review was the fact the the mounting bolts were just to short and longer ones needed to be purchased to complete the mounting process. Never. Made sense to me that this was the case with this accessory considering that it is so well designed by Kuryakyn. During my install I did notice that the bolts appeared to be a little short, but closer examination revealed the problem that many have experienced. It revolves around the rubber gasket that goes between the handle and paint. You will notice that under the handle a recessed area that the gasket HAS to fit into. It not, the gasket holds the handle up to far for the bolts to reach the threads. One bolt on each side WILL reach the threads, start that one first and tighten it down a turn or two, then carefully with the tip of a small screwdriver carefully work the gasket underneath the handle into the recessed area. Once gasket is in place completely under handle base, give the first bolt an other turn or two and this will compress the gasket enough for you to start the second bolt into the threads. After that just snug up the bolts to seat the handle and you are done!! Give the chrome and paint a quick wipe with a polishing cloth and you will love the finished look!
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

I got one of the belly pans at the cyber Monday price of $37 bucks!!! Great price for what it is. 30 minutes to install, watch the sharp edges! No nicks or cuts this time!! It's not the greatest fit on the front section, but it is good enough! Besides, the only way it can be seen is when you crawl under the wing, so no worries there. The front section is very easy to remove and install for service.
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