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Me and my wife go to each and every bike rally. It is a way to switch off which I will never swop for anything else.
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Do it now, tomorrow might be too late.

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Pearl White 2021 Honda GL1800 Trike Tour DCT

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Red 2009 Honda GL1800 Trike

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Red 2020 HONDA GL1800 Tour DCT

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Engine Guard Covers
ITEM CODE: CI78310,   SKU: CI78310

With Honda bringing out the new generation Goldwing they took away the solid look, look Honda once had. Luckily we can bring back that look with all these after market accessories. Well done, not does it not only look good but it adds value to your bike. Shame on Honda
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Signal Mate Blind Spot Mirror
ITEM CODE: MO220-0056-2,   SKU: MO220-0056-2

It is a necessity to have these on a bike, however, a bike has 2 mirrors and too bad it only comes in a single package. Price for one also a bit hefty but worth it
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Burgundy 1:12 Scale Gold Wing Toy Model
ITEM CODE: TR155165,   SKU: TR155165

This is my second review in 5 years. Also my umptheen time I purchased these die cast models and still impressed with the detail and price. It makes an ideal present to your friends and family. Too bad it only comes in red. Maybe this can be changed.
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Left Side Accessory Mount for 2018 Gold Wing DCT Models
ITEM CODE: CI58111,   SKU: CI58111

I tried to make a fitting for my Garmin but just could not have that OEM look. When this came available I just had to buy it. Fitting very easy and look professional. The only thing that is not good is the size of the ball. 1 mm can be the difference between a tight fit or a loose fit. The ball is just to small to have your std Garmin to clip in. I had to do some slight mods in cutting the ball of, cutting thread in and screw and replace it with an old garmin fitting ball end. Works like a charm
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ITEM: PG32906

The helmet look great and fit great and for that price to include a Bluetooth headset is a bonus...........but really Senna, your instructions cannot even jumpstart a dead horse. No problem when it comes to pairing a headset but try and pair you radio, totally different ballgame. The confusing part is that pairing an iPod or similar is not the same as your radio. Took me various sequences in figuring out when and where to press which button. Would be very helpful if the instruction can be strictly for an headset, one for an iPod and the last how to get your GW music to play through the headset. Great difficulty.
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ITEM: PG38551

The helmet sizes are spot on. Fits very comfy. I found there is definitely difference in fit with the helmet open and when close.The built-in Bluetooth headset is definitely a plus and save you endless time in fitting it correctly. No bulky fitment, just the knob visible. One thing that I did find difficult to pair is with the new Goldwing audio setting. The manual refer to pairing headsets and not to the Goldwing sound system. The sequence is different and took me endless efforts for it to work.I will however post the correct procedure at a later stage. Overall rating is definitely worth the 5 stars.
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ITEM: PG02361

I always could not get the right handle / seat arrangement on my wing and knew something was lacking. Being tall, getting that perfect seat position was not always an option BUT after fitting the easy fit handlebar risers, I found my spot. Arms are more relaxed and what a pleasure to lean back in the seat and hit the road. Very comfortable comparing to the standard bar height. Thanks for an inexpensive durable product.
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ITEM: AO451617

Do not know if by GL1800 frame is different but I cannot align the holes for the three bolts up. If you align the bolts up then the cover does not fit the frame and align the cover up the holes does not fit. Never had problems with the BB52714 makes, those fit perfectly.
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Factory OEM LED Lighted Trunk Spoiler for GL1800 1st Gen

I have been fitting 5 of these spoilers and can honestly tell you the first one was the most difficult. If you drill the wrong place you had it.

The template is not very accurate and if you follow my instructions it will be a walk in the park.

Firstly, mark out as per template. Remember to mark it out from the inside of the lid, lining up the round circle. Drill four small 2mm holes as per template. Now if you going to use rack risers, slide them on as the rack without the risers is a bit different. You can masked the top of the lid around the hole area off with masking tape to prevent scratching. Place the rack over the holes and fine tune the holes position. 9/10 it won't line up.

Remember, the hole must be reamed out much bigger as the rim of the screw must fit it, allowing a bit of free play.

So you still have a chance if the holes does not line up. Even if you have to drill another hole next to the one that was drilled, you still in the clear. You can stick a small screw driver through the holes to see if it fits.

ONE WORD OF WARNING. The holes in the rack is not threaded all the way and the screws does not go in also all the way. I had to cut some thread off every time. Do not force the screw in as it will result in damaging the tread or screw.
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Triple Chrome Plated Adjustable Flip Up Armrests for GL1800
ITEM CODE: RIGL18094,   SKU: RIGL18094

Reading some of the reviews I cannot understand what the fuzz is all about. I have purchase these some 2 years ago and really use it a lot. Ease of fitting with minor knowledge and can be fitted within 30 minutes. Wife loves it to bits. There are cheaper options but I rather prefer this one as it feels and looks like solid quality. Other type of armrest is just.....just plain looking armrest. Pointles having all these nice fancy bling on your bike just to spoil it with "pipe type" armrest. This one has that expensive look. Adjusting the height is simple by turning in a grub screw. What I also like about it,you can open your topbox fully without catching onto the armrest like some others. Nice chrome and cushions to round it off.
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Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800

I have been using only genuine Honda parts for years now and still believe in only having genuine parts fitted to my Wing. It might be slighty more expensive but putting your life at risk to save a few bucks is really not worth it. Not only does OEM parts guarantee the quality but you know it is designed for what it is claimed for. I had a few friends that insist buying the cheaper option, ending up to replacing the disc as well due to the wrong compound and eating away the disc. If you spend so much money buying a Wing might as well spend a little extra keeping it in top shape.
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BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software

I was always reluctant in purchasing software but this, it makes it so easy uploading music files to your memory card. No need to format your folders or search for music files. It does it all for you in one go. You do not need to be a programmer. It is so user friendly and save you hours of searching for your music files. Organizing your music files is done with a simple click. I recommend this software to anyone that find it confusing to put simple music files onto a memory card.
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