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Triple Chrome Plated Adjustable Flip Up Armrests for GL1800
ITEM CODE: RIGL18094,   SKU: RIGL18094

Okay, I would like to update everyone on this product. I question whether they really are triple plated chrome. Mine are peeling, cracking and pitted. My 2012 Wing has always been kept in the garage and I only have 16K total miles on it. I put these on a little over two years ago and now I am looking to replace them because they look aweful. I like the style but the quality is poor. I would not recommend purchasing these. 2 stars for the design and style only. Not worth the money!!!!
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Kruzer Kaddy Drink Holder

I bought this because it was pictured with the Rivco Armrests. The cup holder looks good but it is not of the best quality. It swivels and there isn't a way to tighten it to prevent it from happening. It finally fell off my bike while I was cruising one day. Fortunately it didn't do significant damage to my saddle bag (small scratch) but the holder itself was damaged and mounting hardware lost. I guess as it continued to swivel and I adjusted it, it became loose. I am very disappointed in this product and will not purchase again. 2 stars for looks only.
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Premium Heavy-Duty 100% Waterproof Cover w/Bag

Purchased for my 2012. Although I keep it in the garage I keep it covered. Kids are constantly in and out playing. This is a good quality cover. I bought one from Walmart that ripped after a couple of months of use. Exceptional fit and worth the money. I also cover my Wing in the parking lot at work. I had issues with the wind blowing the Walmart cover partly off on a couple of occasions. Shouldn't have that issue with this one because of the straps and hooks designed to secure the cover. It's also waterproof. Great product Wingstuff.
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Triple Chrome Plated Adjustable Flip Up Armrests for GL1800
ITEM CODE: RIGL18094,   SKU: RIGL18094

I really like the look and functionality of these armrest. They were by far the better looking out of all the onse I shopped for. I went with the beverage holder shown in the picture but will most likely swap it out. I will write a separate review on it but the mounting for it leaves a lot to be desired. As for the armrest, they are top quality. The mounting to the back of the trunk area could have been of better designed. somewhat flimsy. I added extra screws and oversized washers for additional stability. My wife likes them as well. Exceptional quality. I just ordered the Ultimate King seat. Ultimate says that their seat (pictured) works well with the Rivco armrest. I was told by the Corbin rep that their seat will not work with these. 5 stars.
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ITEM: PG32056

Okay, I have had these on for some time now and they are awsome at keeping the wing off. I accidently broke the lower left one recently and can tell the difference while riding. By the way, if you need a replacement piece, you can go to the Baker Built website and order the piece you need. I think I paid less than $15 plus shipping for the lower. They also have etching and engraving of the wings at a reasonable cost. Definitely 5 stars as they do what they're designed to do. Installation was fairly simple also. Take your time and measure twice.
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Kuryakyn Glove Box Cubby for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: KU1669,   SKU: KU1669

I really like the look of the piece for my 2012. It adds a nice look and I like the beverage holder. I am thinking of doing away witht the handlebar holder and adding an another accessory holder there. You do loose some of the storage space...not that there was a lot there to begin with. Install is simple and took a couple of minutes. 5 stars.
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ITEM: KU3233

Initially I wasn't going to add these to the trunk but changed my mind. I am glad I did. They really add a nice touch and flow with the saddle bag LEDs. They are also turn in addition to run lights so that only adds to their value. Great quality and easy installation. I agree with james that the wiring needs to be flat. The only problem I had with the install is that it appears Kury got the left and right mixed up on the instructions. It is pretty obvious which one goes on which side but sitting on the bike, it seems as though they were calling left right. Anyway, if I figured it out, anyone can.
5 stars for a great product and a 1 star deduction for trying to confuse me with the
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Passenger Armrest Trim for GL1800

Nice product and the LEDs are really bright. No problems with the installation. Great fit and excellent quality. I agree with previous review in that it is getting really crowded at the rear of the bike and I still have one more set of lights coming in. 5 stars.
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LED Rear Fender Tip w/ Run-Brake Accent for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: KU3236,   SKU: KU3236

This piece really compliments the rear vertical ligt strips. Makes the rear end of the 2012 complete and they are really bright. Nice quality and simple install. 5 stars
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LED Vertical Rear Run-Brake Light Strips for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: KU3237,   SKU: KU3237

Another homerun for Kuryakyn with these pieces for the 2012 Wing. These lights are bright. Install was simple. Took all of 20 minutes. Waiting on the fender tip LEDs to complete the rear view. I also noticed the VIP price has decreased since I ordered mine. What's up with that Wingstuff? 5 stars anyway...
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Saddlebag Accent Swoops w/ LED Lights
ITEM CODE: KU3232,   SKU: KU3232

I just received these accent swoops today and installed them. First I have to say that this is by far one of the best pieces that I have added to my 2012 Wing. I have been waiting for the 2012 Kury merchandise and this piece was well worth the wait. I installed the rear wiring harness 3 months ago, so it was in place and ready to go. Instructions were accurate and the entire install was easy and took about 1 1/2 hours. I wasn't too thrilled with having to drill holes in my saddle bags but you drill into existing screw holes so it wasn't bad at all. Just had to keep the drill straight and gradually increase drill bit size from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. I guess the biggest challenge with the install was after removing the saddle bag doors, I found it somewhat difficult to reinstall them, getting the hinge holes to line up while holding the door and securing it with the screws. The LEDs are bright and I love the fact that they are run lights and turn signal lights. Initially I thought they were a bit pricey but they are worth the cost. Great craftsmanship and excellent fit. Can't wait to receive the rest of the 2012 accessories. Great job Kuryakyn, love it!
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Kuryakyn Chrome Luggage Rack w/Rubber Inlay for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7151,   SKU: KU7151

This is one of the nicest looking racks out there for the price. Based on the number of reviews I read before purchasing, many GL 1800 owners agree. The only problem I have is that the chrome scratches easily. I bought the risers which is a must have if you are going to add the spoiler. When you are marking the holes for drilling and are adding the risers, be sure to mark with the risers in place because it changes the orientation of the holes. Trust me. Lol.
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