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Rider Etiquette: The Good Samaritan

Samaritan Member
I have stopped half a dozen times to check on a rider that was alone and looked like he may welcome help. Most of the time they were either fussing with something on the bike, or just taking break. One rider said he already had help coming. I continued on hoping that someone might show me the same courtesy someday if I was in that situation.

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Front Fender Extension
ITEM CODE: CI68925,   SKU: CI68925

Designed well and looks like it belongs there. A little tricky to put on because of limited space to work with unless you take the fender off. And once you touch it to the fender it’s stuck there. No moving it! It provides rock and debris protection to the lower front area of the bike which I really like!
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GT Tour Cowl Light for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-938,   SKU: BB52-938

When I saw these I knew I had to get them! I recommend also buying the Show Chrome accessory fuse block and install that first. That makes the cowl lights easy to connect for running and turn functions with no splicing into stock wiring. The lights were easy to install. Running the wiring cables to the seat area was the hardest part but doable with a coat hanger and patience. The lights really look nice on the bike day and night. Very happy with them.
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LED Reflector Replacement Light Red Lens
ITEM CODE: CI48040,   SKU: CI48040

I bought this to increase visibility on the back of my Wing. It did just that by replacing a useless reflector. Really easy to install and it looks good! Pleased with purchase.
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Rear Fender Filler Strips
ITEM CODE: CI68901,   SKU: CI68901

Easy installation, look good, but the small 3M pads only lasted three weeks before they came loose simply washing the bike. I will replace them with a different product.
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Rear Fender Filler
ITEM CODE: BB52-931,   SKU: BB52-931

These were inexpensive, easy to install, and look like they should have been there from the factory. Make sure you clean the surface with alcohol so the 3M tape sticks well. Very pleased with the look.
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Oil Change Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT

I bought this for my next oil change. It has everything except the oil and the price was much better than you’ll find at any dealer.
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Essentials Touring Half Cover
ITEM CODE: BB4-358,   SKU: BB4-358

I was concerned it wouldn’t fit my ‘23 Goldwing because the description says it doesn’t. IT DOES FIT A 2023 Goldwing Tour DCT. And probably every year Wing! Nice cover that will be great while traveling for overnight coverage. Very pleased with the product.
WingStuff Reply:
"Thank you for your review! After reading it we checked with Show Chrome and, sure enough, it fits the newer bikes like you said. So we upadeted the product to reflect that. THanks for letting us know and ride safe!"
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ITEM: KU6751

I just installed the Omni Highway Pegs and do like them. However, I wish I could avoid using the Pivot Arms and attach the foot Pegs directly to one of the three mounting points. Any of the points are probably sufficient for the majority of users. Or a shorter Pivot Arm with One to Two inches of length to keep the foot pegs from looking like Deer Antlers when folded up. They’re not a classy look on a beautifully designed Goldwing in that position. I ended up switching the Left and Right foot pegs along with the Clevis Adapters to allow the foot pegs to fold Horizontally Backwards. This makes more sense, looks better, and just push out when you put your feet on them. The only drawback to that orientation is the Clamping Bolt which is now visible on the top side. But I feel that’s insignificant and nobody will notice that detail. Imagine how classy they would look with a direct mount and no Pivot Arm? I contacted Kuryakyn about this idea but never heard back. No surprise there! I ended up making (2) two inch long pivot arms that allows a little positioning and horizontal folding for storage. They look so much better on the bike both in use and folded backwards and not straight up in the air! I wish I could attach a photo but Wingstuff reviews don’t allow that option.
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Helmet Lock Extension
ITEM CODE: BB52-964,   SKU: BB52-964

Hondas helmet lock is useless. If you can get your helmet secured it will hang against the painted saddlebag. And only one helmet can be attached ! These cables solve the problem, are quick and easy to use, and can secure two helmets on your seat. And they take up virtually no room to carry along.
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Black Belly Pan for 2018+ Gold Wing

I liked the idea of a one piece Belly Pan that is thick enough to guard against most anything, and Lightweight Aluminum. Installation was straightforward and removable for Oil Changes is a big plus. Even though it looks good, you don’t really see it. Kind of pricey but piece of mind and quality makes it worth the investment.
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Omni Transmission Covers Chrome for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU3274,   SKU: KU3274

As soon as I saw these on the website I knew I wanted them. The open transmission space is not that attractive and a pain to keep clean. These covers look great and the black mesh provides ventilation and flair to the bike. They really look good with the matching frame covers! The only glitch I had was a factory blemish on one of them. It was really minor but I noticed it right away and I ordered them for a brand spanking new Wing. I called Wingstuff and they said “No Problem, we’ll send you a replacement pair asap and arrange return of the blemished ones”. It was one of the best customer support experiences I’ve had in a long time! I got my replacements(which were perfect) and credit for the first set in a couple days. Congratulations to Wingstuff for Being such a great business to shop with!
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Frame Cover Chrome for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-962,   SKU: BB52-962

I bought the chrome transmission covers so I just had to add the matching frame covers. I had a similar setup on my older wing and loved the look. They really make the bike stand out because the mid-engine components are not that exciting to look at or clean. The chrome finish is beautiful and they’re easy to install. And wash!
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