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Red 2002 Honda Goldwing

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Replacement Air Filter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR231921,   SKU: TR231921


Similar to OEM

I always go with OEM parts for my Wing but this time I went with this alternative. It appears to be exactly the same but I could not get the filter lip to seat in the holder grooves no matter how hard or how many times I tried. I finally took my Dremel and ground off sections of the radius corners to get it to seat so the housing lid would properly seal closed. Was this a problem with the filter mount, or the filter holder? Would I have had the same issue with an OEM replacement? I can’t answer that until the next filter change. All I know is the one I took out was an OEM filter which was seated properly and unmodified.
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Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800


OEM Piece of Mind

Whenever I replace a tire I also install new Brakes to ensure there is plenty of Pad for the life of the tires. I tried aftermarket brake pads two tires ago but they didn’t fit. The pads were so thick there wasn’t enough room for the Rotors to slip in between. I really tried!I returned them and ordered OEM Pads from Wingstuff. Perfect fit and Top Quality. Stopping is Important!
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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52608,   SKU: BB52608


Looks great!

I have several chrome pieces on my ‘02 Goldwing and finally decided to add this front cowling. A little patience is required to get the old one off and this one on. It’s an awkward place to work!It looks great when installed but I wish they would have thought of a protective clear coating at the bottom where the front tire debris lands. I made my own with 3M waterproof electrical tape. Neatly done in two strips and nobody really sees that area anyway except me.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416


Quality Protection

This Stainless Steel version is a beautifully well made product. It was pretty easy to install and will provide great undercarriage protection. The front portion is attached with two screws that allow a little movement. As a result, the forward portion can rattle where it touches the lower cowling. I resolved this by putting a strip of 3M Waterproof Electrical Tape on the edge of the cowling that contacts the Shield. This tape is thick, sticks forever, and is not noticeable in that location.
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Stop & Go Motorcycle Tubeless Puncture Pilot
ITEM CODE: TR150219,   SKU: TR150219


Great to have onboard

I replaced a larger portable pump with this kit because it has everything you need in one nicely organized pouch. I tested it when it arrived to see how noisy it was and was pleasantly surprised with the level and performance. All the tools you need to repair a flat are there if you need them. The entire pouch is very compact and takes up very little room. The only negative thing I found is the tiny compartment that stores the power cord. Once you pull that out you will spend more time getting the cord and plug back in the pocket than you did fixing a flat. That aspect needed a little bit more space but hopefully you will never need to pull it out right?
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Standard Headlight Bulb 55W 12V
ITEM CODE: AO0148328,   SKU: AO0148328


Low Beam Replacement Bulb

Discovered I had one burned out light on my Wing so I purchased two of these and put them both in. Easy install and just like the originals. Very happy with the lights.
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