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Kuryakyn Glove Box Cubby for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: KU1669,   SKU: KU1669


Major POS

This thing did not fit right. Top left corner stuck up and the thing just rattled in there. The whole top part is mega loose. Tried applying a little pressure to get it to fit better and it broke. Should have just sent it back but instead I donated money to Wingstuff. When I spend money for my bike I expect it to fit. Not the case with this super cheap China made Kuryakyn POS.
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Comp-S Dual Chrome & Carbon Fiber Exhaust for F6B & GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: WP931360C,   SKU: WP931360C


Super Nice - Great performance

Love these pipes. Beware....They are much louder than the stock pipes. The video gives true sound but not how loud they are. They are NOT Harley loud nor are they over the top crotch rocket loud. These pipes have a unique sound that is more of an older muscle car sound than a twin 4 cycle (makes since, since the wing is a 6 cylinder). After the stock pipes it took me a bit to get used to but now I love them. I have no problem hearing the CB, Intercom or radio. Great hummm on the highway. Had a bit of a problem putting on the left side but called TBR and they were great to work with. I definitely noticed an increase in horsepower. The engine can breath and it shows. Would not recommend to those who want a stock quiet ride. A little noise and more horsepower, put them on and enjoy!
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Chrome Side Fairing Intake Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451696,   SKU: AO451696


Follow up

Tried this again with good 3m double sided tape and better silicone. Let it set for 48 hours tied on. 70+ degrees. It gaped again all the way around it and pulled right off. There is not enough contact area around the edges to hold this on. You basically have the center part holing it and that's it. A big fat 0 for this part but but an A+ to Wingstuff for taking care of me.
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Chrome Side Fairing Intake Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451696,   SKU: AO451696


Epic Failure

Put on as instructed 65 degrees, used their silicone and tape. They say zip tie it for 12 hours. First of all it gaps along the top and bottom with no way to tape/glue. Gaps a little on the corners as well. Anyway, I take off the zip ties after 24 hours. The intake accents come off as well. When looking at it, there is not much for contact points. Looks good while holding it in place but the design sucks. Will be sending this POS back.
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The Revolution Driver Backrest
ITEM CODE: KU8930,   SKU: KU8930


Very Nice!

Can sit in the saddle longer without shoulder burning. Made a huge difference in comfort. If you have back problems this will help.
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Chrome Wide Kickstand for Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU7104,   SKU: KU7104


Very Nice

Easy install, looks good and I like the wider foot.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056


Ergo II Highway Pegs

Great product. Makes longer rides more comfortable. Great for those of us with OCD. The set up and pins makes adjustments perfect and equal on both sides. Install and adjustment was easy. Put on a 2012 wing.
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Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7016,   SKU: KU7016


Passenger Cruise Pegs

Easy install, looks good and wife loves them. More comfort for longer rides.
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Vertical Trailer Hitch for GL1800 2nd Gen
ITEM CODE: AO451806A,   SKU: AO451806A


Works Good

I installed this on my 2012 Goldwing with little issues. Instructions are pretty much worthless but if you are mechanically inclined you don’t need them. Make sure everything is lined up before you start tightening the bolts down. Take your time and make sure you are perfectly lined up when putting the bolt in the side frame. An extra pair of hands will help with this. I run with a cooler rack and luggage. No problems.
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Extended Throttle Boss for Heated Grips
ITEM CODE: KU6242,   SKU: KU6242


Works Great

For those times when cruise control is not practical, this is. Works great and looks good.
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183


Like the Feel

They are a pain to put on. But keep in mind that they need to fit tight. I would rather struggle a bit putting them on than having them slip on me. There is a significant reduction in heat transfer but my hands still stay warm. Like anything there is a trade off and not experiencing hand cramp is more important to me. I always wear gloves anyway. The look is great and for those with larger hands, the feel is awesome. Finally no hand cramp.
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Rear Accessory Light Plug & Play Harness
ITEM CODE: KU3230,   SKU: KU3230


Must Have

I wish all electrical products had a simple plug and play like this. I agree that finding the main plug is a slight chore but thats on Honda. Honda's wiring is an electrical nightmare. After finding the main plug its a no brainer from there. Great job on this harness. True plug and play, love it....
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