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Strawberry Plains, TN, US, 37871




Retired Air Force and teacher
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800 Trike
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-103,   SKU: CTMGW100-103

This is my second set of Centramatic balancers. I have the original with 165K miles on them. The second set I bought for a spare front and rear wheels so I can easily swap out when I change tires. They’re a little expensive but you get a better ride and more milage from your tires.
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AirHawk R Air Seat Cushion

Finally developed a leak after 6 years: My very talented wife took scotch tape and a glue gun to repair it: That lasted another year and she repaired it again:. I highly recommend this air cushion: I’ve done over 120 thousand miles and my rear has never felt better
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183

I've had these about 3 years (70K miles). Still look brand new with no peeling. I do keep my bike garaged or covered. I bought these because I have large hands (glove xxxl). Felt weird when I first put them on because they are significantly larger than the stock grip. I had a throttle rocker on a Kawasaki which worked great because the throttle spring was so strong. The Rocker was good because you could place where it fit best along the grip. You can't do that with the Throttle Boss on the Wing so I mostly don't use it because it is so far at the end of the bar. Don't get these if you need to feel the heated grip. With summer gloves I can feel some heat, but with winter gloves there's nothing. No problem as I live in south Texas where it is hot or warm enough year round. Kind of a pain to put on because of the small allen screws. Dropped them twenty times, but with these big hands I've had harder installs (like the high beam bulb!!). Overall a very good product and if you ride enough, buy them -- you won't be sorry.
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AirHawk R Air Seat Cushion

I've owned mine about a year now (about 20K miles)and couldn't be happier. Matter of fact I don't even think about my rear bothering me at all anymore. If your butt hurts you won't enjoy that ride. Max distance I've done in a day is 800 miles. Don't wait, buy one now.
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New Generation Dual Air Wings w/Lowers for GL1800

I love these! They really keep the wind off of you when it's cold and direct the breeze when it's not. Be careful when drilling into that side fairing strip. I didn't have my right side strip supported properly and it cracked. I highly recommend these.
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Power Sport Tire Inflator
ITEM CODE: WP40061,   SKU: WP40061

I had this a year before I had to use it. Had a slow leak on the rear tire 1,000 miles from home. I used the outlet in the left pocket and it filled pretty quickly each time I used it. I was able to make it to a repair shop to get my tire fixed. It's good to know it's in your saddle bag -- just in case. It does get hot if you have to fill the whole tire. I would highly recommend this product.
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HyperKewl Soakable Cooling Deluxe Wide Neck Tie
ITEM CODE: TN6520,   SKU: TN6520

Works well, stays in place and a good price. I bought several and gave them to friends too. they all liked them. Definitely buy if you ride in hot temps.
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