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Mike & Jackie

Zanesville, OH, US, 43701


Mike & Jackie


Married 35 years to my High school sweetheart. One son Joey, 28. He is 28, rides a Triumph, and is a R.N. and works in a critical care unit.
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Retired Ohio State Trooper

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The plan is, "no plan".

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Candy Orange 2003 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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Royal Blue 2012 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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- No Bike 3 -

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New Generation Dual Air Wings w/Lowers for GL1800

Great product, works as advertised.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709

Got about 13,000 miles out of them. They didn't feel as smooth as the other tires I've tried. Just gave a stiffer ride, didn't feel that they gripped the road as well. Just felt like a harder tire. I ride two up conservatively, check air pressure regularly. I'm going back to Metzlers they seem to suit me best. Got a set of Marathon 888's this time. Only got about 400 miles on them, but wow. My wife even commented on how much quieter and smoother the ride was.
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Chrome Fender Extender w/Rubber for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7352,   SKU: KU7352

Very easy to install looks nice.
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ITEM: KU3911

very easy to install really looks nice. takes about 30 minutes to install.
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Fender Accent Filler for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52801,   SKU: BB52801

Very easy to install took about 15 minutes top. Looks really nice
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Clutch/Brake Or Round Handlebar Drink Holder w/Basket

A little Pricey but well worth the money.
Great for the distance traveler. No longer have to have Jackie hand me a drink. Now we have our own drink holders. Very easy to install. Easy access to rider and passenger.
Note: during installation snug means snug. Don't over tighten the nuts. The bolt will break, trust me on that. The bolt is welded to the holder then chromed. Break it buy another, and start over.
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Service Repair Manual for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: TR700507,   SKU: TR700507

A must for anyone interested in servicing and maintaining your Goldwing. Very clear instructions on just about anything you are willing to tackle on your own. Manual paid for itself with one air filter change.

great addition to my garage
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ITEM: PG00125

Easy to install. Follow the instructions, with special attentiuon to detail. Super Bright, have a friend with the cowl cover with built in lights, these are noticeably brighter. Took about 1 hour. I went with the solid amber. Really looks cool.
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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800

These tires are amazing for the first 8,000 miles. Silky smoothe quiet and handle like a dream in all weather conditions. They made the bike handle as if it was 100 pounds lighter. I ride 2-up conservatively. I check the air pressure all the time. I run the recommended 41 psi the manufacturer calls for. Overnight the low speed vibration showed up at about 10,000 miles. They tire still showed plenty of tread life, however the front was cupped and seemed out of round. The rear tire showed plenty of tread life left. I ran over something on the last 40 miles of a 1200 mile trip and had a flat rear. I was able to keep shiny side up and come to a stop.
Call me crazey but it is unreasonable to think I should get more than 10,000 miles out of a set of tires. My wing came with Dunlaps got about 12000 miles out of them. Did Metzers got a little better but the noise in the turns showed up at about 10,000 miles. About the same life out of Avons. I'm going to try the Bridestones next. I let you know.
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ITEM: ME2158100

Great when new. Started to get the growl in the turns at about 8,000 miles nothing crazy just annoying. Switched them out at about 11,000 miles. I could have got another thousand or so miles out of them. Didn't want to push my luck. Trying out Avons this time. Only have a thousand miles or so on the Avons, so far Fantastic.
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Stop and Go Tubeless Tire Plugger With C02 Cartridges
ITEM CODE: TR150215,   SKU: TR150215

Way cool, hope i never need it. I did try it on a flat car tire. Easy to follow instructions works in seconds.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

A great addition. Very comfortable. Doesn't take up very much space. Doesn't crowd Jackie and has a nice storage compartment on the back.
Highly recommend this one.
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