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ITEM: AO45-1245

I wanted to believe!!!! Ordered the minute they were available...removal of old units and installation of these was not difficult... Once you get over the "cool factor" of the sequential yellow turning/emergency flashing lights... am DISAPPOINTED in that the WHITE DRL's as they are NOT NEARLY AS BRIGHT as the original yellow... not even sure if the yellow sequentials are as bright as the stock Honda units... need some lumen testing to prove my eyeball visual testing.... Cant say I would recommend... maybe next version improvement release...
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ITEM: CI40030

did not buy the #48000 plug and play harness for another $99, was tired of all the harnesses... i already have the show chrome isolator and decided to cut the wire ends and wire directly into the isolator... a bit of work because the wires are a bit short to begin with, but got it all to work with the harness... Lights are bright and helpful, maybe not quite the same look of lighting as the stock Honda rear lights
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LED Reflector Replacement Light Clear Lens
ITEM CODE: CI40035,   SKU: CI40035

having the additional light is a plus....the final fit isn't right and just doesn't seem to fit flush to the bike mount area where the reflector was... there is a little wiggle, potential for a squeak/rattle... Light quality matches the other GoldStrike rear filler lights design, but not quite the Honda lighting
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Electronic Fuse Block for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-942,   SKU: BB52-942

Well designed, simple and easy to install, gives you complete versatility with the new Goldwing and the CAN bus system
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3-Way Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts Black

best product packaging I've ever seen... 5 Starsworst included instructions... 1 Stars (should sell at IKEA store, LOL)Looks great and comfortable ... 5 Starstakes some effort to assemble as well to adjust afterwards.... should come more fully assembled... 1 Stars
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Utopia Driver Backrest for 2018-20 Gold Wing

As is expected, this Utopia product is their typical good quality, my 3rd one, had on all 3 GoldWings, but the first new one I've ever bought and installed... Couldn't be much easier with the cutout on the 2020 model already there... love the zippered pouch, haven't ever ordered or needed the bar cushion cover or the quick release add ons
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