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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709

I have been running the Elite 3 and Elite 4 for the last 60K miles. They are not available, so I am going back to the Bridgies for a try once again. My experience has been that they have a better grip, but less mileage expectation than the Dunlop's. However, for the savings in price plus the rebate, it will be worth it for the overall safety and price.I did not have the centramic balancers before, so we will see - maybe these will go further for me.
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Dunlop Elite 4 Tires for GL1800 2001-2018+

My first set of Elite 4 gave me 14300 miles on the rear with 2/32 left on the tire, minimal cupping.

I ride 1 up, about 11K of the miles were with trunk, saddle bags loaded and a bag also in the rear seat - so, maybe an extra 80 pounds of weight. I ride long and hard over hot surfaces throughout the summer at 75- 80 MPH.

The front still has about 3/32 of tread left at 12600 miles, but I switched it out with a new one as I am planning on a 3K trip next month.

The front does wander a little on the grooved surfaces, but I have gotten used to it. They do not grab as well as the softer competitors because the center of the tire is said to be a harder rubber for mileage, but, when in the twisties, they do hold the corners fairly well. I find I am slowing down more in the rain and on slick surfaces than I have with the Elite 3s. I like them well enough to have bought a second set.
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ITEM: PG37218

Being one who wants to make sure every time I start my day that the tires are exactly where I want them, this is a great product. It is the most accurate of all gauges you can use, and you do not have to get down on the ground each morning you start out.

In combination with the TPMS system on my newer wing I am using the product for pre ride only, then depending on the TPMS for sudden or slow deflation while riding long distances. Unlike some others, I do not have my phone mounted. This means the alarm, if I keep the app running, is going off in my pocket until I stop, pull up the app, etc.

Maybe the answer will now be to mount the phone and use the built in alarm while riding. However, it serves the purpose for which I purchased it, pre ride check.
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Dunlop Elite 4 Tire COMBO for GL1800

See my earlier review "Hang Onto Your Bars" for background.

I now have the E4 on both front and back. There is still the tracking issue when you get on grooved cement. However, once I have adjusted to the eerie feel it is not quite as disconcerting. Only 4 stars because of this issue.

The upgrade from 3 stars is because the wear on these tires seems to be even better than the E3. I believe I will be getting much longer mileage out of these tires.
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Dunlop Elite 4 Tire COMBO for GL1800

I just returned from a 3500 mile trip from Colorado to Cali and back. The rear E4 handled wonderfully. I did not put the front E4 on the bike thinking my old E3 could make the trip.

On the way to Cali I had 5 hours of crosswind in Wyoming and cupped the right side of the E3 on the front. So, even though I have a new front E4 in my garage, I had to put one on in Cali.

NOT HAPPY! With only 500 miles on the front tire I hit the grooved cement on I 80 and the E4 was trying to find a track. If you don't like the classic wing wobble, you really are not going to like the E4 on the front. I was going 70 when it started, slowed quickly, but could not find any speed that remedied the problem.

When I hit a buffeting wind in Salt Lake City the next day it made the ride real interesting on the grooved cement. Different speeds, temperatures, states, it is all the same with the E4 on grooved cement.

Talking to the service manager at my authorized Honda shop while it was in for a rear brake recall he stated many are having this same experience. I have read other reviews from riders who say they are not.
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Universal Power Plugs

I just installed this on the my 2012 GL1800. One of the reviewers said that it interferes with the heat vent mechanism. It does not if you install it as instructed. You must drill the hole on the small upper right side of the fairing pocket where the X indicates to drill.

I drilled the hole slightly smaller than the recommended size, then carefully pushed and turned the power plug through the hole. This effectively created a threaded hole on the fairing into which the power plug is secured. I also used the included rear nut for extra support, but it is not really necessary with the tight fit I have.

As mentioned by other reviewers this has an inline 3 amp fuse. Check the accessories you are planning on running off of this plug. I am running a 1.85 amp air pump and a Garmin navi - so no problems blowing my fuse.
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Chrome Front Windshield Garnish
ITEM CODE: PUDS710285,   SKU: PUDS710285

Plastic chrome will scratch as easily as all the other plastic chrome on your bike. This is more visible and prominent than your smaller add on chrome. I always try to clean mine in the same stroke direction. It still looks good, but does have micro scratches after two summers of riding. Follow the instructions on the installation. It is difficult to keep the rubber inserts on the rear view mirror trim to stay secure.
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Motorcycle Tire Ceramic Balancing Beads

After trashing the Metzler 880 after only 10000 miles and putting on the the new Dunlop on the rear, I noticed an immediate difference in the ride. 1500 miles later they still seem to be working great, but I will review after 10000 to see the long term effect.

Only one post in this stream says to use 2oz, which I did according to the instructions. I can't figure out why everyone else is putting 3-4ozs in a 180 tire. By the way, I bought the 70 series, not the 60. It corrects the error in the speedo almost perfectly. Only off 1 MPH at 80 MPH according to Garmin.

My mileage seems to have increased as well. I don't know if it is the new tire, the beads, the difference in tire size or a combination of these factors.
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ITEM: ME2158100

As stated in many reviews, the tire debate depends on personal preference. I have received better mileage and performance from the Dunlops than the ME880s. I only got 10000 out of my rear 880. It has the same whine and road noise as an older Dunlop in my opinion. This seems to happen with any tire that is 50% or more worn. It is the nature of tires, tread, wear and road surface. And, yes, I watch the tire pressure carefully. I check it cold each day that I ride and adjust appropriately. The front 880 now has 12000 on it and still more to go.

The noise can be a good thing. It tells you that you are still in motion on a tire that is not flat. It is only a bad thing if you wanted to stop 10 feet ago.
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Louvered Scuff Side Covers for 2001-2010 GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU3913,   SKU: KU3913

I get a lot of comments on my bike about how nice it looks, especially since adding these two years ago. People cannot articulate what sets the bike off from others, but this product really dresses it up without looking gaudy. A great replacement for the dull OEM guards.
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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52608,   SKU: BB52608

As mentioned, it takes about 45 minutes to install. Well worth the time and addition. I have had mine for about 15K and am surprised it has not chipped and dinged more. I recommend the chrome fender extension both to complete the look and help protect this product.
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Right Side Control Panel Accent
ITEM CODE: BB52686,   SKU: BB52686

Buy the left side to balance and match. This really show off the cockpit. Easy installation, as with most of the peel and stick chrome.
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