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Dark Red 2006 Honda GL 1800 Motor Trike

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Pearl Yellow 2009 Honda GL 1800 Hannigan

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BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software

I attempted to load music without using this program. While you can get some music to play, you can not experience the full potential of the MP3 player. This program is easy to use, and makes transferring music to your media (USB flash drives & SD cards) easy. I highly recommend this program. Load and enjoy.
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Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

The addition of this product will make you enjoy your ride so much more. You can let in air on warm days and you can block air on cold days. They also direct the air to and from your co-rider. If momma ain't happy, no body's happy. The Hand Wings are the only air deflectors I have on both of my trikes, and I love them. They are a very easy install, and they sure do compliment the bike. Get them, you won't regret it!!!
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ITEM: AO18673629

This is a very good antenna for use whth the Honda CB. All my friends compliment me on how well my CB radio works. I attribute this to the antenna. My 2006 has a fiberglass single FM/CB antenna and I often have problems hearing and talking with other bikers. This antenna is well worth the money, and I highly recommend it. I did not even adjust the swr, as it works flawlessly.
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40 Channel Factory Honda GL1800 CB Radio Kit

This CB radio is a nice addition to the Goldwing. If you ride with a group, you definitely need a radio. While the Honda CB Radio is pricey, Wing Stuff's price is the best around. I had the radio installed, only because I needed it very quickly. The instructions are very clear and if followed, you should not have any problems. This radio works better than the one on my 2006 GL 1800.
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LED Trunk Spoiler Running Light Converter
ITEM CODE: BB52734,   SKU: BB52734

I bought this for my 2006 GL 1800 Trike, but never got around to putting it on. When I got my 2009 Trike, I installed it when I installed my new LED Trunk Spoiler. The install was not difficult, and well worth the effort and cost. High visibility on the rear of a Goldwing is very important.
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Trunk Light Reconfiguration Harness for GL1800
ITEM CODE: EC02112,   SKU: EC02112

This little jewell really adds visibility to the back of your GL 1800. It turns the inside trunk lights(2009)into turn signals. This can be very important when pulling a trailer. The instructions are very straight forward and easy to follow. An asset to any Goldwing. This kit is very reasonably priced and well worth the cost.
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ITEM: AO451838

This reasonably priced luggage rack is an asset to the top of your trunk. The rack is very simple to install, just take time to be sure it is lined up exactly where you want it. This luggage rack coupled with a color matched LED lighted spoiler makes for a sharp rear appearance. A quality item.
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Factory OEM LED Lighted Trunk Spoiler for GL1800 1st Gen

This factory OEM LED lighted trunk spoiler is an easy install, very straight forward, with easy to follow directions. The color matched spoiler is an asset to any Goldwing. It also provides more visibility to the rear of the bike, thus making you easier to see.
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Extended Throttle Boss for Heated Grips
ITEM CODE: KU6242,   SKU: KU6242

An excellent addition to the hand grips, and essential for long group rides when you can not use the cruise control. When adjusted correctly, the palm rest will keep your hands from cramping. Happy riding.
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183

These grips were an easy install, the directions were very easy to follow. To compress the grips, I used 5 zip ties with a zip tie gun. This pulled the grips closed, as I used a popsicle stick to push the pad area in so it would fit into the cut out. The grips still allow heat, just turn up to max initially, then you can turn them down to a comfortable level. A great addition to the Goldwing.
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