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Strawberry Plains, TN, US, 37871




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Civil Engineer

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Dark Red 2006 Honda GoldWing GL1800

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Red 2007 Yamaha VStar Custom 650

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Premium AGM Sealed Westco High Amp Battery for GL1800 GL1800 Premium AGM Battery


4 Stars

WIngstuff service was once again speedy and efficient. Received the battery in less than a week. My old battery came on the bike and was 5+ years old. Was starting to crank quite slowly.

So, good news the new battery cranks like new. Will it last 5 years like the original? Only time will tell.

Bad news: as others noted the posts do not align with the cables turning a 5 minute job into 35 minutes and new hieghts in cursing. The spacers don't really help. I know. Working on bikes is always challenging because everything is compact but come on. You have the original to copy. Shoulnt be difficult to make an exact copy of the posts.

So, seems like a good battery and the price is right. But be preapred to exercise your cussing muscle when installing.
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Master Cylinder Coin Holder
ITEM CODE: BB52689,   SKU: BB52689


4 Stars

Looks good. Easy install. I bought for convience at those pesky toll booths. Unfortunately, the capacity is too little to be much help. After 2 or 3 toll stops, it will be empty.
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Chrome Handlebar Dampers
ITEM CODE: PUDS273947,   SKU: PUDS273947


5 Stars

Look good and priced right.
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Vertical Receiver Style Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: AO451806,   SKU: AO451806


5 Stars

Fabulous. It is solid and good looking. And the ability to remove the hitch when not in use is a nice touch.

Install is challenging but not difficult. Be patient and careful. As others have noted, the included instructions are basically worthless.

Dropping the muffler's is easy and helps some but you can install without doing so. But what the instructions don;t point out, is removing the rear crash guard is imperative.

I got CWOLAW's instructions too late to help. I received them just a few minutes after completing the install. They would have been very useful. Highly recommended!
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Oil Filter Wrench
ITEM CODE: BB4201,   SKU: BB4201


5 Stars

A must have tool.
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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056


5 Stars

A life saver on long trips. I've put 2500 miles on them the past two weeks and they are supperb.

Install is simple.

Adjust them as far back on the highway bars as possible to keep your ankles from rubbing the fairing.
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Factory Honda CB Antenna for GL1800


5 Stars

Easy install, especially sine I already had everything disassemnled for the CB install.

As noted in other comments, having the premarked drill points on the inside of the trunk is a huge benefit.
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40 Channel Factory Honda GL1800 CB Radio Kit


5 Stars

A lengthy (4 hours for me) install but not difficult.

If possible, get the Service Manual. Some of the parts removal would have been much easier if I had one. I could not get the meter plate and weather cover off completely since I didn't know how to disconnect speakers and other wiring. Thus I had to work underneath these for part of the install. Not hard but would have been better if I could have gotten them completely out of the way.

You really don't need to remove the trunk. The drill points are accessible witht he trunk in place. Just be careful.
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Chrome Luggage Rack for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-610,   SKU: BB52-610


5 Stars

Looks great. Installs fairly easily.

I recommend using a 5/16" drill bit rather than the 1/4" called for in intsructions. This gives you a little more wiggle room in case your drill holes are not perfectly vertical.

Another tip: Run the screws into the rack before trying to mount. This will clear the threads of excess choming making starting the screws much easier.

Finally: Don't buy the large chrome washers seen elsewhere on this site. They don't work well with the sloped trunk on the GL1800. The packaged washers work much better although smaller.
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ITEM: BB52748


5 Stars

Excellent product and easy installation. Installation took all of 10 minutes.
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