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Front Wave Performance Rotors for GL1800

At the end of the season, tried 3 brake pad sets with those rotors I can share what I've got.
1. Rotors installation is easy. The are really quality made.
2. If you don't have aftermarket rotor covers you'll appreciate those rotors look. There were many people saying "Wow".
3. I cannot say those are worse or better than the stock. My brakes improved noticeably. Everyone who rode my bike mentioned that.
4. Sorry Galfer, but your brake pads do not work. I put 1000 km with those front pads avoiding any hard braking allowing the pads to brake in, the brakes still were weak.
5. Oem brake pads work a way better, allowing very good "sharp" brakes in the beginning but still going weaker the harder you push the lever.
6. Traxxion pads work equally to OEM, with opposite difference: they are not as sharp as OEM in the beginning but they really allow you to brake hard increasing the stopping power according to the lever pressure.
7. Rotors became rusty when I didn't ride the bike for a few days. Rust was gone under the first brake apply.
8. Those rotors requiring warming up.
9. They do not care about water indeed. There were no difference in braking when I rode on to the wet road or under the rain.
10. I did not test those on heat resistance, but I presume - it is all correct, Galfer says about it.
In total, I am happy with those rotors, and consider this item worth spending, however you know brake power depends on many factors including pads, liquid, all those valves etc. in my case, replacing the damaged OEM rotors I would do it again for sure.
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Front Wave Performance Rotors for GL1800

Well, I couldn't find any reviews on those in the web, so I decided to order and test the brakes improvement (if there is any) on my own. It isn't that I am not satisfied with my OEM brakes, but in 50 000 miles oem rotors will soon say 'bye'. Those Galfer rotors have always been the replacement I wanted to have on my bike. I hope those rotors with brake pads will add me this "a tiny bit" which is always missed under panic braking. In the end, if there's no noticeable improvement, I could save on brake pads cost... ))
I will update the review as soon as I have those arrived and installed. Please stay tuned, and wish me a worth spending ))
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

Had been riding with this windshield (stock height, no vent) 3rd season. I am VERY impressed with a water repellent feature of this winshield and only now (40 000km) it becomes slightly scratched.
All this time I haven't paid much attention to cleaning it with special clothes etc, just wipe the dirt out of it. And still it repels water easyly, even when dirty. I am a short rider, so it is essential for me, as I always look though the windshield.
I guess it worth its cost and when the time comes I will have new f4 windsheld defenetly!
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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800

So, last season I ended up with those Cobras to 13000 miles. We rode in Italy where tires were cheaper, so I decided to replace. The Cobras looked worn, but I hadn't feel it, even under the rain on a mountain roads. I couldn't find Avons there, so I had a set of Bridgestones. Still don't like them, and it was a REAL difference after switching. Avons are better. in every way. I am still trying to find Avons somewhere in EU, and as soon as we are there I will 100% get Cobras again.
These were the first tires that lasted that long with me.
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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800

After putting 10k miles on these tires, under heavy rain and in hot and cold weathers, I must update my previous feedback about the Avons.
1. Tire mileage is great - 10k miles so far and more to go. Bridgestones usually live 12-13 k miles.
2. Wet road handling is excellent!
3. Highspeed handling is excellent!
4. Cornering - as I've mentioned before there's no better tire for cornering but Avon!
5. Handling on these tires is sharp unlike on E3.
6. These are defenetly quiet tires.
All of the above is true in case you follow the recomended tire pressure 41psi front and 42 psi rear. Avon is very sensitive to the tire pressure, even 2 psi lower make noticeable difference.
I wrote about low speed wobbling @ 5 mph - it has gone recently once I've pumped the tires to 43-45 psi according my tire gauge! I took 4 different gauges and all of them showed the different pressure - 5 psi gap! So IMHO - if you feel something wrong with your tire (wobbling, weaving etc), check the pressure with several gauges - yours might be wrong!
My front tire already has the groove at the left side that made the handlebar to wobble @ 20 mph. It has gone too after pumping the tire to actual pressure!
And sure, I have to mention that my bike has Traxxion front and rear and Seeley damper.
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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800

What a dissapointment! These were the only tires I havent tried so far. Read many great feedbacks about them and desided to switch. I must say that Avons are the best tires for agressive riding and cornering at hight speeds, this is absolute - I have been changing 3 tire brands one after another during this week. My 3 stars go for low speed (5-10km/h) wobbling that dissapoints me a lot and made me took off these tires.
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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B

If everything wobbles in the front - either have your front tire replaced (check for cuppings at the anti-dive side of the tire) or have your front fork serviced (replacing the worn bushings). If you feel a bumpy ride @ 60 and over mph - have your wheels balanced or replaced.
I've ridden over 100k kms on the Goldwings and tried every brand (Except Avons), mixed tires as well. Bridgestones are so far the best choice between good mileage and good grip. These are also the best price/quality rate.
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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800

Not happy with this windshield at all.
1. it was hard to install in my 06 GL1800 (vented version), it was more rounded than should be and when all bolts were tightened it stopped sliding. I had to left the mounting bolts loose to allow moving the windshield up and down.
2. The bottom part of this windshield toches the cockpit at the lowest position and being scrached from the inner side.
3. I have ridden with this windshield (not too much 100-200 miles) when cold (high 30s) no difference in buffeting compared to stock at ANY position of the windshield. This is personal as I opened the season with new windshield. Passenger felt the same as myself - no difference.
For my short hight - 170cm - I always look through the windshield. Therefore:
4. My windshield was not optically correct. It distorts.
5. The vent is located too hight for me, so when riding slow at the close distances I can't look under my front and see the car tail clearly.
6. It looks 'strange' to me when installed. Especially fully lifted.
I rated it 3 stars because it is still possible to ride with this windshield with less comfort though.
I am switching back to the stock.
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Factory OEM LED Lighted Trunk Spoiler for GL1800 1st Gen

A "Must have" accessory for any Goldwing. Doesn't reflect with luggage rack. Adds style and additional safety by tail/stop light integrated.
For myself this one was a primary add on to my bike.
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