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Aydlett, NC, US, 27916




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retired police officer

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God bless America and all the good things she stands for.

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metallic red 2008 Honda Goldwing

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HP Coolant
ITEM CODE: HO08C50C321S02,   SKU: HO08C50C321S02


Great Coolant

It's OEM so you know it meets specifications. With aftermarket stuff you can't always be sure, even if the jug says "good for all cooling systems". Thanks, Wing Stuff
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Shaft Drive Oil
ITEM CODE: HO082080080,   SKU: HO082080080


OEM Quality

I've owned many Honda products, cars, motorcycles, mowers and more. I always try to use Honda brand fluids and this is one of them. They just seem to run better and smoother with Honda fluids.
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Oil Change Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing


OEM Quality

Can't go wrong with OEM.
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HP4S 10w30 Full Synthetic Oil
ITEM CODE: HO08C35SYN1030M,   SKU: HO08C35SYN1030M


OEM Quality

I always like to use OEM when possible.
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2-Port USB Auxiliary Socket for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52820,   SKU: BB52820


Easy Installation (pretty much)

Pop the left glove box out, drill a 1 1/8" hole where indicated and you're done. Well almost. What took the longest was plugging the d**n thing in. Not a whole lot of room for big hands. It's doable but ideally, install this when you have the top shelter off for some other reason.

I purchased a second one to put in the trunk. Just need to figure out how and where I want to mount it.
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Factory OEM LED Lighted Trunk Spoiler for GL1800 1st Gen


Great Addition

Easy install. The hardest part is committing the drill to the plastic. Took me about an hour. If I had to do it again; 20 minutes. Paint match was perfect.

I used the included template and the marks lined up just fine. Because you only get one shot at drilling the holes, I made notes on the template indicating the 3 holes to be drilled for the left side and the 2 holes for the right. And remember to flip the template over! Confused? Watch the Cruiseman install video on YouTube.

Even with all that care, I had to lightly dress one or two of the holes with a rasp so there wouldn't be any stress on the plastic when I tightened the bolts up.

There was no grommet on the wiring to seal the hole in the trunk lid as shown in the instructions. I guess Honda feels it's not needed to keep water out or to prevent scuffing of the wire on the hole. I'll probably go back in to take a look in a few months or so. If I see any evidence of scuffing, I'll put a wrap or two of electrical tape on the wires to protect them. If I see any water, a dab of sealer should do the trick.

All in all, I am very pleased with the look and the added safety the additional brake light brings. Thinking about adding a modulator to it next...
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Magnetic Drain Plug & Final Drive w/Washer


5 Stars

What everyone else says.

A little added insurance for the engine and final drive.
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5-pc Assorted Grommet Kit
ITEM CODE: BB52691,   SKU: BB52691


5 Stars

Buy two - one for the bike and one for the garage tool box.

Saturday night on the road is not the time or place to be looking for the grommet you lost.
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Factory Service Manual for GL1800 2006-2010


5 Stars

Buy this manual even if your dealer is going to do all your service work. You should know what they are doing or what they should be doing.

Loose leaf format. This allows it to lay flat plus you can remove pages to photocopy to keep the "master copy" clean. It also allows you to remove pages so you're not flipping back and forth between diagrams and the service procedure.

Torque values are expressed in both Nm and Ft.lbs. My wrenches are calibrated in Ft.lbs. so I don't have to deal with conversions; less chance for error.


Buy a second loose leaf binder in order to put part of the manual in. A regular 3-ring binder will do. Sort of like volume 1 and volume 2. The supplied binder is barely large enough to hold the material. A second binder will allow you turn pages with less chance of tearing the paper and you will have the space to put receipts and other records you may want to keep.
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