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Blue Magoo

Liberal, KS, US, 67901


Blue Magoo


1.Born Again Christian
2.Devoted Husband
3.Dedicated Father
4.Proud Goldwing owner
5.Conservative American
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Transportation Manager

Favorite Quote:

"I ride too far, too fast and too often to ride a Harley"

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Pearl Apollo Blue 2001 Honda Goldwing

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Factory OEM LED Lighted Trunk Spoiler for GL1800 1st Gen

I finaly got mine and it's everythhing I hoped it would be. It really adds to the bike it works great and easy to put on.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800 2001-2017

I like this back rest very much. I haven't owned anything else but I have set on some bikes with others and I like the Utopia. It adjust easy. It's a msut for the long haul.
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Lighted LED Red Lens Trunk Molding for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3201,   SKU: KU3201

I wouldn't go with out them. Like it has been said these ought to be standard equipment. The chrome adds the bling and the lights give great visibility it's a win win for everyone.
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Chrome Radio Panel Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52696,   SKU: BB52696

Easy to install and looks great.
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Chrome Dash Accent
ITEM CODE: BB52647,   SKU: BB52647

This looks great BUT if the sun hits it just rigth it will flash back in your eyes. It's nothing like a blinding flash but could hinder you for a second I guess. I really like.
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Smooth Chrome Master Cylinder Covers
ITEM CODE: BB2288,   SKU: BB2288

These are like the chrome kill switch cover. There not much but they are easy to put on and are inexpensive. I'm always looking for some chrome to replace the factory black / grey pieces. And not like most chrome add on's these are real steal not coated plastic.
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Kill Switch Cover for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52609,   SKU: BB52609

Not much to say about this small add on but it does make for a better look.
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GL1800 Honda Fog Lights w/ or w/o AIR BAG

A must these days because the cagers don't look out for us and the more lights you can have the better we are. I would never ride without them. They provide an incredible amount of light.
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Beverage Butler Motorcycle Drink Holder

I got to have the Butler 34oz'r for the long rides. I like it because you can take to ring off and fold in the bracket when you don't have to use it in town.
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Chrome Front Windshield Garnish
ITEM CODE: PUDS710285,   SKU: PUDS710285

It was on the bike when I bought it. I don't know if I would pay the price for it. It looks good but then again I'm a chrome freak. It scratches very easy. I can't rate the ease of putting one on. Like I said mine was already on.
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Iso-Grip Set w/Chrome Accent Ring
ITEM CODE: KU6180,   SKU: KU6180

These are great for anyone who has large hands. Very comfortable.
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ITEM: KU7354

Very functional in keeping road junk off my chrome cowl.
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