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OEM Smart Fob Mini Blank Key for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HO35121MKCA01,   SKU: HO35121MKCA01

Jon Verified Buyer
I purchased the Extra FOB and programed it successfully. The dealer gave me an extra key but it did not fit in the FOB. Now, no matter which FOB I take I have the KEY with me. In south Orange County Ca, finding someone to cut the key was the issue. Bu this place is awesome to work with:
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Lighting Y Splitter
ITEM CODE: CI48001,   SKU: CI48001

Jon Verified Buyer
Plug and play. easiest part of the job.
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LED Fork Mounted Nav Lights Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI48100,   SKU: CI48100

Jon Verified Buyer
Great product. Adds a bit of light and Turn Indication. Installation is pretty straight forward. I got a hint from Biker Chris Caliente, watch his YouTube Video on this product and see how he tapes the small nut to the Bit so it does not get lost in the FORKS when tightening the nut. Give yourself plenty of time and just take your time and it is a piece of cake.
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Oil Change Kit W/ Cap Wrench for 2018+ Gold Wing

Very nice Combo. Filter fits like a glove and the Wrench Cap made it so simple to remove the old filter and tighten the new filter. TWO Thumbs up!
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Positive Battery Post Relocation Kit for Gold Wing/F6B
ITEM CODE: EC02222,   SKU: EC02222

Jon Verified Buyer
Products fits as it should. Adds a level of connections that should have come from the factory. Easy install.....15 minutes or LESS!
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LED Reflector Replacement Light Red Lens
ITEM CODE: CI48040,   SKU: CI48040

Jon Verified Buyer
Nice product and looks great along with the LED Filler Panel Lights. Easy install!!!
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Vertical Vent Trim Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78215,   SKU: CI78215

Jon Verified Buyer
These items are such a nice SMALL accent piece. These are items to take your time , pre-fit and pre-Fit AGAIN. They look really GREAT.
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TWINART Mirror Surround Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78325,   SKU: CI78325

Jon Verified Buyer
Another Great Twinart product. It's the small things that complete the project!!
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Taillight Trim Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78210,   SKU: CI78210

Jon Verified Buyer
Easy install and the Fit is perfect.
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Rear Fender Tip Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78450,   SKU: CI78450

Jon Verified Buyer
Super Easy Install! Looks Great.
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DCT Engine Covers Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78500,   SKU: CI78500

Jon Verified Buyer
Very Nice bling addition. I thought it would be a tough install and was a bit afraid when I ordered the product. Then I read the instructions and it was SO EASY!
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Saddlebag Side Lights Black for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CI48021,   SKU: CI48021

Jon Verified Buyer
Excellent product. So easy to install. The hardest part was deciding on Black or Chrome. I went the extra step and took the Saddlebag door off completely by removing the three pins. This made working on it easier. Slow as you go and don't be afraid!!!
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