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Removable Driver Backrest
ITEM CODE: CO297-B,   SKU: CO297-B

Very comfortable. It sits right below the scapula bone and provides great support. Highly recomend getting this if you have a Corbin seat.
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Removable Driver Backrest
ITEM CODE: CO297-B,   SKU: CO297-B

I have owned 4 corbin seats over the years. I have tried after market backrests and they never worked. The Corbin branded backrest is the best choice for a Corbin seat. You would think I would have tons of backrests from Corbin but alas everytime I sale my prior model bike the buyer wants the seat and backrest included. Which I see as a testament to the quality and comfort. At 5'9" the backrest goes about three quarter up my back falling just below the scapula bone. My backrest was recieved without the goldwing logo at the back but that didn't bother me. I have always had the Corbin backrest with the hole in them but I think the sold is actually more comfortable. If you have never owned a Corbin back rest make sure you read the instructions on how to adjust them before you start messing around with the bolts. Years ago I purchased a backrest and stripped the adjustment bolt for angle adjustment, simply because I didn't follow instructions.
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Heated Saddle Black for Gold Wing Tour 2018+

I have had corbins before, so I knew what to expect. They are firm but comfortable. Like a tractor seat with no padding it just kinda cups and creates more contact points so that the weight is more evenly distributed. In my experience soft seats just break down until you hit the seat pan and once that happens it's no good. Corbin may be firm but it keeps you comfortable on those long rides. For reference I am 5 foot 9 inches and I also have the fully adjustable helibars. The Corbin seat sits you back 2 inches and gives more leg room but without the helibars I would not have been able to comfortably reach my bars.
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VStream Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing

I love this windshield. It's like looking through glass, it's so much clearer than the stock shield. I clean it with warm water and a decent cotton rag and dry it either with a rag or chamois. No scratches or swirling in the shield. The design claim of less buffering around the head is true, not sure about the passenger as my wife rarely rides. I went with the 19.75 inch which is a 1/4 inch shorter than my stock tour shield and its perfect for looking over and though.
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Seat and Driver Backrest for 2018+ Gold Wing

The seat is pricey but it is very comfortable. It is a firm seat at first but after a 20 minutes you start to sink into the seat a little. It is kinda like a firm memory foam mattress that gets more comfortable as you sit on it. When you get off the bike after a couple hours you can see the way the seat comformed to the bum a little. Where as the stock seat was springy and always pushed up on my bum. I purchased the midrider because I didn't want to be any further from the handle bars and my wife has a very big but beautiful bum so she needs the room on the passenger side. She loves the new seat. I measured the seats against each other both on and off the bike and the ultimate seat it technically 3/4 of a inch taller than the stock seat. However, if I mark a spot with tape on my windshield both the stock and ultimate seat are relatively the same eye level. I imagine the extra height in the ultimate is to compensate for settling in as the memory foam conforms to you. At 5'9" I can still Flat foot it but it is a little harder, mostly because the seat is slightly wider and is shaped slightly concave where the stock seat is slightly convex. As for the backrest, it is very comfortable and easy to adjust forward and aft, but there is no height adjustment. I know they design them to be height adjustable but the backrest when pushed all the way in hits the last notch so it is only one height. My biggest problem with the backrest is it removes very easily, too easy in my opinion. I got the heated version and when I first received my seat it was to warm to turn the heat on but a week later I did a cold morning ride and to my surprise the heat didn't work. I called ultimate who paid for the shipping to repair it and the heat works great now. I recommend testing the heat feature right away. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.
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Tall Passenger Grab Rails for 2018+ Gold Wing

This is a must have for the passenger. It also is functional as a tie down point for my luggage. As well as a much better spot to lock a helmet. I have a standard bicycle lock I just run through my helmet and the grab rails. Definitely worth the price and super easy to install. I did download the instructions but only to get the torque specs which were 27 nm or 20 lbs per foot.
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LED Fog Light Kit for 2018-20 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-924,   SKU: BB52-924

These were unnecessarily hard to install. The day they were to be delivered I got the fog light covers off and punched out the tabs and cleaned them up. I also used Fred's shortcut to get the console off off and ready so all I would have to do is install the button. Took me about 30 minutes to do the prep. I get the lights and the photos in the instructions are useless. No how to videos online. Tried to download the pdf install guide thinking it would be clearer but the link online was bad. Spent 45 minutes just trying to put the brackets together and then another 45 minutes trying to interpret the poor photos and get the brackets installed. The lights were difficult to adjust correctly and frustrating to install. As for the lights, they match the headlight and are super bright. I am glad I got fog lights but if I had to do it again I would have purchased a different brand. Preferably one that has a how to video online.
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ITEM: PG36033

I got these gloves a couple years ago as a gift. Not sure if the wife purchased them here or elsewhere but when they ware out I will certainly get another pair. Good to wear between 45 degrees and about 100 degrees. The outseam style may look weird but on the inside they are super comfortable. No rubbing from the seams. I love these gloves.
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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs for 2018 Honda Gold Wing

these pegs really help with comfort. not only do they help you stretch out your legs but when my legs are stretched out it puts more of my weight on my thighs relieving pressure to my bum. Some have said they seem fragile when putting weight on them but i have adjusted myself in the seat with my feet on the pegs with no issue. I do wish they were less expensive but overall i am very happy.
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HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Risers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HEHR01139,   SKU: HEHR01139

fairly easy install if you watch the youtube videos. I used the fred harmon shortcut, all together took about a 1hr and a half to install but if i had to do it again i could probably cut that in half. It brings your hands about 2 inches backwards giving a more comfortable bend in the arms and helps the shoulders relax. And its affordable.
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