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Metallic Deep Blue 2009 Honda GL1800

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Cruiser Universal Beverage Carrier

It is not as deep as I thought it was when I ordered it, but I got this as a replacement for the short little bar on the drink holder that comes on the Kuryakyn passenger armrest (the one that swings out and has a single fold-up bar across the bottom). The problem with the bar was it was so short regular sized bottles of water would fall out, this is a little deeper (about an 1-1/2 inch) but because it is enclosed it grips a tumbler to help hold it in.
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Digital Music Player K-Version for USB/Aux/Bluetooth on GL1800 CD Input

This is a nice little player, plugs in to the CD wiring already on the Goldwing, mounts in the small compartment in the trunk, and works great. Installation was as easy as taking off the seat (the fewest things I had to take apart to do anything on the wing), drilling a hole to run the wiring and plugging it in. The one review mentioned needing a key and software to create the USB drive, all I needed to do was (on a computer) drag the mp3 files to the USB drive. The bluetooth connected easily to my phone and streams from Pandora and Amazon Music with no problem. When I start the bike I get a "Bluetooth connected" announcement. The phone music won't start playing via the handlebar controls unless I start the player on the phone but I don't see that as a hindrance, the only issue I have is because it is mounted in the trunk if I have my phone in the holder on the handlebar there seems to be quite a bit of interference and it will lose connection randomly, if I put the phone in the trunk I have no problem at all. But if I turn off the bike, when I restart it the player will announce Bluetooth connected but I cannot get the music to restart without hitting play on the phone. I found an app on my smart watch to start the player on my phone so I will try that soon to see if it starts the stream without removing the phone from the trunk, hitting play, and throwing it back in the trunk. Haven't tried charging my phone from it yet, that will be tested on an upcoming longer trip.
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Factory OEM Windshield Air Vent

I got this along with a new VStream windshield. It fits but because the VStream is a little more curved in the center a stock shield so it takes some pressure to get the edges together to insert the bolts. Be careful not to scratch the windshield while trying to force the pieces on the vent together to bolt in.
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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800

I just installed it on my 09 GL1800. Everything went together ok, not smooth. Had to "bend" the edges down to align the brackets on the edge. Once all the brackets and screws were back in it was very hard to slide up and down (this was before I put the front back together) so I figured I had put something together wrong although I couldn't see how, things only go together one way. After loosening the screws and brackets and checking they were not catching someplace I tightened them back down and still very difficult to adjust. After spending an hour trying to figure out why I saw it. Because it angles back further than the stock shield it drags on the dash. I haven't ridden with it yet so we will see but I'm not sure I like it rubbing the dash.
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