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Kreuzlingen, CH, 8280




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Red 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT

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Two Brothers Comp-S Dual Slip-Ons Install Highlight + Sound Clips

Noisy GoldWing ?
To make a noisy appearance is not the typical GoldWing-Style. So why to fix these exhausts? The sound on the new GoldWing is already much better compared to the old models.



How Difficult Is It To Ride A Gold Wing?

New Gold Wing, How to ride....
The 2018 Honda Gold Wing is the easiest Gold Wing to ride. However, if you didn't ride a heavy MC before (1000 cc +) don't start with a Gold Wing. Its big engine and huge momentum is something, a new Tour-MC Biker will be surprised of. Especially the Sport Automatik-Mode is something, which you shouldn't touch. It's difficult to anticipate the gear, the electronic decides to choose and out of a sudden the bike jumps forward. Even for experienced GW-Bikers this mode is, sorry to say, crab. But in general, for me the new GW is the best Tour-Bike ever on the market.

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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing


F4 Windshield

The best windshield on the market.The only one, which is tall AND wide enough, especially for riders 6 ft and taller
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ITEM: AO45-1245

Ray Verified Buyer

Turn Signal from Add On

This is a real cool feature and easy to install !
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Comp-S Dual Slip-On System for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: TB005-5200499D-B,   SKU: TB005-5200499D-B

Ray Verified Buyer

TBR Mufflers for 2018+ GW

Disappointed when I installed them. The left muffler was ok, the right muffler didn't fit. It interfered with the gearbox ! Also the flange, which connects behind the saddlebag was not welded in the correct angle. We had to hammer!! a dent into the mufflerhousing in order to fit between the gearbox and the saddlebag. Also plying the flange in the correct angle. The sound is nice but it doesn't justify the price ticket.
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Brake Pedal Cover for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-929,   SKU: BB52-929


Brake Pedal cover

Too large for a Brake Pedal in this position. You always rest with the tip of your shoes on the pedal, even if you don't want to brake !!!After a few 100 km I removed them.
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Ride Off Center Stands for 2018+ Gold Wing


Ride Off Center Stand really so good ?

Well, I installed the famous Ride Off Center Stand. Now, if the Goldwing rests on that stand, just a little bit of shaking on the handlebar and the whole motorcycle is wiggeling. That's because the bike still rests on the rear wheel.
Not really stable. Will work on perfect flat concrete but not on gravel, uneven pavement or on cobble stone pavement, which is seen in many European cities.
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