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Burgandy 2005 Honda GL1800

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Stop and Go Tubeless Tire Plugger With C02 Cartridges
ITEM CODE: TR150215,   SKU: TR150215


Many Vehicles Uses

I have carried this kit on many a motorcycle and have used it once on my 1992 GL1500, and on my grandson's gokart, and a neighbors Mustang. In all cases the tires held air for a very long time. I use to have a CO2 gun that allowed you to change out cartridges but since has disappeared. So, I mostly rely on my air pump, I carry.
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XP Rear Brake Modulator
ITEM CODE: PU20500030,   SKU: PU20500030


Eye Catcher

This is the third Backoff, I have installed over the years. I actually bought the wrong one this time. But it is the same as the other two. I wanted the Wig Wag model. The instructions are for the simple bikes with a single run/stop light. So, you have to do your best to adapt to the Goldwing. My problem is I only wanted the two center stop lights to flash on the trunk and my Goldwing has 4 in the trunk and two, one each for the saddlebags. So trying to isolate the trunk wires from the bundles under the trunk took some doing. But, I got it done and am using the quick flash then steady mode.I do believe the system works because vehicles don't just rush up behind as I am stopping. I wish my son had this on his bike when we rode through Atlanta one summer on a long trip. A lady hit him from behind pushing him into the trailer I was pulling. No damage was done but it could have been a disaster since it was like a 12 lane freeway.
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Driver Footrest Adapters Stainless Steel
ITEM CODE: CI60010,   SKU: CI60010


Required Product.

If you purchase the Strikemasters Floorboards as a replacement for your footpegs, you need the adapters. There offered as chrome or black or boards without. I ordered without and discovered I needed the adapters and learned by calling that there was also obtained in Stainless Steel. The fit and finish is great. They are a perfect complement to my stock footpeg mounts. I would recommend these as an alternative to those of us not wanting to add a lot of chrome.
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SM10 Bluetooth Goldwing 3.5mm to 5pin Cable


Cord to SENA 20S

People ask if this pigtail will allow CB transmission. The answer is simply NO. It specifically says it is for audio only. However the fix is easy if a person can obtain a 5 Din plug. The SENA has an aux. connection and a separate a mic. connection. Wiring a Mono plug and a stereo plug to the 5 Din plug would be easy. Might want to use a Y plug at the mic.
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