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Grey Half Cover for 2018+ Gold Wing Tour

Nice cover, fits Kawasaki Vulcan 900 with windshield and saddle bags.
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ITEM: BB52-925

Easy to install. Should do a good job protecting the headlights.
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Belly Pan for 2018+ Gold Wing

The pan itself appears to be high quality aluminum. Instructions are poor. First line of instructions should be do not put the bike on the center stand. Instructions about removing the cowling piece on the left side is a wasted step as this does not allow any easier access to the bolt, which is difficult to access. Once the plate is installed oil changes are going to take longer. The two front nuts are awkward at best to access.
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Impulse Bluetooth Modular Smart Helmet White

Sena contacted again, this time they were able to provide the correct sequence and connection protocols to connect the helmet to my phone and the Goldwing Both helmets are now working correctly when bluetoothed to the bike and all features of the headset are working. My wife and I both have to frequently connect our helmets twice (Turn headset off and back on), before they connect correctly. A minor annoyance. If not for that I would give this helmet 5 stars...(Previous Review; Bought two Impulse helmets for wife and I to use on a 2018 Goldwing Tour. Rider helmet connected via cable for Apple Carplay works as expected. Bluetooth connectivity is lacking. Sena advertises that you can connect to several Bluetooth devices and the unit will prioritize them. Not so with the Goldwing system . If you connect a helmet to your phone and the Goldwing, a conflict exists. Not as much of a problem for me as I bluetooth my Helmet and phone to the Goldwing and have use of my phone via the controls on the Goldwing. The only option for my wife is to connect to the Goldwing, or her phone. Severely limits advertised features for this helmet. I contacted Sena and Wingstuff about this issue, both responded that they had not used this helmet with the Goldwing system and could not provide any help. Very disappointed that Wingstuff is selling a new product that they have not tested with a Goldwing.)
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2 Port USB Socket for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-955,   SKU: BB52-955

Nice socket, would be 5 stars if the cover automatically retuned over the socket. If you forget to replace the cover after use and it gets wet it doesn’t last long.
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Tie Down Brackets
ITEM CODE: CI98000,   SKU: CI98000

Easy install. Great quality. Use them to tie down my Goldwing on a single rail Trailer, work great.
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Oil Change Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing

Checked several places for crush washers for 2018 goldwing, was not able to fine them, ordered this kit which includes everything you need for the oil change.
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Fred Harmon's Maintenance Videos for 2018+ Honda Gold Wing

Very detailed, right down to which size bolt goes where, how to remove connectors etc. Also includes tips to make the job easier. Best part is it includes directions on how to put the bike back together once you have it apart.
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Front Fender Vent Trims Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78200,   SKU: CI78200

These do come as a pair. They fit perfectly and are easy to install. Installed these and the side panel vent trims on a White Goldwing Tour. They look great together.
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Side Panel Vent Trim
ITEM CODE: CI78205,   SKU: CI78205

These do come as a pair. Fit is absolutely perfect, which makes the installation very easy and foolproof.
They look great. I installed on a white Goldwing Tour.
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Rear Fender Fill Plates for 2018 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: EC09413,   SKU: EC09413

Look good, finish off the back fender nicely and completely conceal my trailer hitch. Easy install.
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Cylinder Head Covers for 2018 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: EC09414,   SKU: EC09414

These really look sharp on the bike. Very easy install. Good instructions except I found that I could not install the left side cover without removing the left side deflector panel, which was not suggested in the instructions.
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