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CWO4, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

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Titanium 2004 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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Black/Silver 2007 Honda VT750 Shadow Areo

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ITEM: PG31600

Roll-up nicely in their own bag that easily fits into side saddlebag with other rain gear. Fit well over my steel-toed tactical style riding boots. No problem at all shifting or braking with these on. Feet have never been wet since I purchase these! Would recommend them and purchase them again.
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233

Installed AK20 Traxxion front end, the Kuryakyn Fork Brace, and All Balls at the same time. The perfect Trifacta! The "dust covers" are cheesy plastic stick on's. For the money, you would expect better, but.....Significant and noticable improvement in handling, especially at slow speeds. Absolutely NO Front end wobble at any speeds, and my Elite 3 front tire is getting great milage with no cupping or other abnormal wear. Going with all three at the same time was expensive, but well worth it in my opinion.
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Kuryakyn Passenger Transformer Floorboards for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7006,   SKU: KU7006

A little late with this review, but 5' wife and 4'11" daughter love these Kuryakyn Transformer boards! Daughter did 2600 miles as a passenger, when we went to Tulsa and back to WingDing and reported a much more comfortable ride sitting for long trips with the ability to flat foot or raise up the peg. I've not had any fit or finish issues since installing back in June 2009. Still looks new. I agree with others that it should already come with the ball and spring, but, installation was still a snap. Very heavy and solid.
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Fuse Panel Univeral Mount Power Plate
ITEM CODE: EC02202,   SKU: EC02202

Haven't had any negative issues at all with this. I think mounting it to the right of the battery is optimistic though as I have seen in some pics. Much easier to install and much more accessible when mounted to the left the existing fuse block. Was nice to get four power feed off the battery terminals and onto fused circuit. I can now even cut the fused part out of each of those four accessory power feeds, since they are now fused at the EC Block. Easier to change a fuse if necessary on the EC Block by only removing the side panel, than within the wires tucked all under the seat there the fuse links are now tucked. The "relay" is tucked under the seat (left side, close to the battery.
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Wig Wag Brake Modulator
ITEM CODE: PU20500031,   SKU: PU20500031

This is my second review on this item, as I just had to replace this unit. Installed the original unit in Jan 2007. Device "died" after 21 months service. Would expect more out of a solid state unit. No shorts or blown fuses. It just failed. Fortunately, splicing or tearing into the rear harness area again was not necessary, as I confirmed continuity of the original wiring/connections (soldered) from the device output to the lights - all checked good. Then, I confirmed that I had brake light power going into the unit, but way too low voltage coming out of the unit on any of the wires from the device, hence, clearly, the device was not functioning. Since I mounted the original unit under the seat on the right side frame rail (nice vertical flat area to sick it to there), I removed the unit from where it was stuck to the frame, and cut the wires coming off of the old unit (close to the unit), and discarged the old unit. Also, rather than "splice" the wires from the new modulator onto the "cut wires" from the older unit, I installed a Female LP4 (4Pin) power connector (Radio Shack) to bike side wiring (the wires I just cut) and a male LP4 connector on the new modulator wires, for a "plug and play" connection should I ever have to replace it again, now that I know that is a possibility! I still love what the unit does!
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Kuryakyn Chrome Floorboards w/Heel Shifter
ITEM CODE: KU4038,   SKU: KU4038

Agree with other positive reviews! Nice addition/attractive. Quick and Easy install. Remember to use something to keep the shift pin "extended/pulled out" when installing the toe/heal shifter on it. It will push in if not careful. Very Comfortable Boards! Took a week to get used to them and the "toe/heal" shift, but completely natural now. No regrets and a more stable feel under my feet than stock pegs.
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Baker Air Deflecting Leg Wings for GL1800

Added these at WingDing 30 along with the Baker Dual Wings. I can tell they really keep a lot of wind and rain off the legs. Will likely remove them for Summer Riding though and only run them in the winter.
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Dual Adjustable Air Wings for GL1800

Had them installed at WingDing 30! They work as advertised. I think Winter Riding with these will really pay dividends by moving air around me. If you have "highway pegs" mounted high, you may have to move them down or your leg may hit the lower wing, and it does seem to get VERY WARM when your leg is right below the lower wing and against teh fairing.
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ITEM: AO451630B

For Six Bucks, can't beat it! Does the trick in protecting your top from Key Fob Scratches!
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ITEM: PG03896

Installed on a 07' Shadow Aero 750. The J&M Antenna License Plate bracket twist angle was no where near even close to allowing the CB antenna to be installed fully vertical. Had the use a vise and grips to increase the "twist" in the bracket to compensate, but that wasn't really too difficult at all. Running the CB antenna cable and ground cable presented a challenge, because there is no place to feed it through the back light assembly of the Aero 750 and with the PL259 Connector "pre-attached" to the CB Antenna cable, you have to drill almost a 1" hole into the back fender just below the back light assembly to feed the cables through and run the wiring up the inside fender framing, then up to where the PL259 connector will meet with the connector on the CB Unit wiring harness. Fortunately, that hole will be hidden by the license plate. Could have got away with a much small hole if the if the CB Antenna PL259 Connector was not already affixed to the RG59 coax cable. May not be an issue with other bikes. In hindsight, I should have cut the PL259 connector off, drilled a smaller hole through the fender, and installed a new PL259 connector on the antenna cable. I'll have to put some form of rubber grommet around the cables where they feed through the hole in the fender. Haven't tried to tune it yet (since it doesn't have an adjustable brass tuning tip like the Firesticks), but will.
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Vertical Receiver Style Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: AO451806,   SKU: AO451806

Thanks to all who have requested my AO Hitch Installation documentation and for your kudos and feedback! I'm getting almost daily request for this document, so I've uploaded to a place you go get it directly and download it.

I hope this makes it easier and more accessible for your installation!

S/F Steve "CWOLAW"
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Lighted LED Red Lens Trunk Molding for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3201,   SKU: KU3201

Three hours to install for me too. Much of that time, was decyphering the pics in the instructions and determining best place to "drill" the holes. Drilling in to my Wing always makes me nerveous! Plugging in the provided pigtail into rear lighting harness could have been more clear as well..."plug into either the Red or Blue plugs"....What's the difference? It didn't state...Red is Brake Lights...Blue is Running Lights, which is what I want these for. Very nice look on the 04' Titanium.
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