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My lovely wife of 26 years and I have recently purchased this beautiful bike and are loving every minute of it. We've had the GoldWing bug for quite sometime, but with kids in college it had to wait.
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The only good fling is on a GoldWing.

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Illusion Red 2002 Honda Goldwing

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ITEM: KU7314

I bought these for their looks, but they also seem to keep the engine temperature a notch cooler. Adds just enough look without going overboard and being too gawdy (not sure of the spelling). Mine came with silicone for attaching as well as the zip locks to hold in place. Although they seem secure, I would have felt a lot more comfortable if they had sent 2 tubes of the silicone instead of just 1. The fit was pretty good, but could have been a little better.

As pointed out on a different review, they do direct the heat right to the legs.
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Progressive Heavy Duty Fork Springs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR771521,   SKU: TR771521

Had the shop install these and couldn't tell any difference. Maybe they did something wrong.
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Classic WingStuff Long Sleeve Riding Shirt White

Great Shirts - Wife and I love them. Only thing with mine is the wrist band stretched out from the wind while riding.
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ITEM: PG37022

Great Shirts - Wife and I love them. Only thing with mine is the wrist band stretched out from the wind while riding.
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Fairing Air Intake Accent Set for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52620,   SKU: BB52620

I went away from the Kuryakyn air intake covers and decided to go with these. The look awesome and installed in less than 5 minutes.
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Chrome Mirror Accents for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52628,   SKU: BB52628

Great looking and catches lots of looks by passerbys. Be careful on the installation as you will only get one good chance to get it right.
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Chrome Key Plate Accent w/Rubber Pad for 2001-2005 GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52758,   SKU: BB52758

Nice looking and it was relatively easy to install. Chrome scratches just as easy if not easier than OEM. If you decide to purchase this, make sure you have bought the rubber cover that is available to go along with it.
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Battery Tender JR 12V Smart Battery Charger
ITEM CODE: SOMS017122,   SKU: SOMS017122

Easy to use and keeps the battery fresh. Never thought of using it on other things like tractors, 4-wheelers, etc. but I will now that I have read other reviews.
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Universal Power Plugs

I bought the one for the up front pocket and other than being nervous about drilling a hole in the plastic, it was a breeze to put in and funtions well. Have not tried anything that takes a lot of juice yet but for what I use it for it performs.
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Chrome Wide Kickstand for Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU7104,   SKU: KU7104

Great looking chrome stand and the surface area that it has when done is a HUGE increase over the stock OEM stand.

I had the floorboards and were concerned that this would be hard to reach and at first it was but after you get use to it, it becomes natural. Considering getting the Kuryakyn Extension to take ease of use to the next level.

As usual, Kuryakyn has done a fine job hitting the bullseye and fullfilling the need.
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K&N High Flow Lifetime Air Filter for GL1800, F6B

I've had K&N Air Filters on my other vehicles with no disappointments.

Changing the air filter was a different story.... Honda should have made it much easier to get to since it is a vital part of the ongoing maintenance of the bike.

Only had it on for a few hundred miles and they have all been cold ones so I haven't noticed any improvement thus far.
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ITEM: TR500016

Sometimes it the smallest of details that make life grand. My wife and I both got these and love them very much, especially on those cold days when you have gloves on.

They work wonderful so far and function easier than any other quick release I have seen on the market.
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