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Replacement Hardware C.R.S. Ride-Off Stand for 2018+ Gold Wing

Not sure if this hardware is necessary; it may be just a way to gouge another $40. I can't be sure, but maybe the old hardware would have worked. Can't tell the difference just by comparing the old and the new. For sure the new spring is too weak.
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Ride Off Center Stands for 2018+ Gold Wing

The install instructions are the POOREST ever - may as well just say "Take the old stand off and put the new one on". Says to take off the chrome muffler cover, but doesn't specify the left or right, so one has to guess. Then, no clue as to how to take the cover off. Couldn't get the cover back on - a mechanic had to do it. Then, no guidance how to get the spring off the old stand - had to cut it off. And no guisance as to how to get the new spring on - had to buy a spring install tool. And the new spring is too weak to get the stand all the way up. Once on, the stand works well. The instructions say to get the rear wheel off the ground (to check air pressure) , put a one-inch board under the stand, but it is VERY difficult to get the bike on and off the stand.I kinda wish I'd just left the old stand on.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for 2018-20 Gold Wing

works very well; I'm comfy riding, and it's great that it's adjustable, and has a map pocket. BUT the instructions are poorly written - no definition for several terms such as "nub, well", etc. The pictures are very dark and not too much help. And I had to see a You Tube video about seat removal. Took me two hours to figure it out and get it installed. SO, only four stars.
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183

but, the OEM grips are too skinny. My '18 Wing has 5 heat settings; I tried the "4" setting and the grips got nice and warm. "5" should be fine in really cool weather here in the Arizona mountains.
A bit of a pain to install, but perseverance helps.
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