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James S

Boynton Beach, FL, US, 33437-330


James S


Live in FL and enjoy riding.

Videos of my wife & I riding at

many motorcycle photos at:
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Favorite Quote:

Ride within your limitations. Don't try to keep up with me.

Member Since:


Bike 1:

Grey & Black 2006 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000

Bike 2:

Dark Graphite Metall 2014 BWM K1600 GTL

Bike 3:

- No Bike 3 -

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Premium AGM Sealed Westco High Amp Battery for GL1800 GL1800 Premium AGM Battery


1 Star

For the last couple of months my '07 GL1800 began to start a little slow vs that quick firing of the engine. I knew it couldn't be the battery as I installed it Feb '12.

This weekend I was at Holiday Park in Weston, Florida and that was it ... done.

Luckily, my buddy on his '05 HD Road King drove my battery to Rick Case Honda a few miles away. They tested the battery and it was dead. My buddy purchased a new one, delivered it and I was back on the road in under 90 mins. Lucky for being unlucky.

Can't endorse this product given it left me stranded.

Regarding Wing Stuff, just spoke to Rodney and customer service kick's ass ... they will work with WestCo directly and issuing me a refund.

Thanks Wing Stuff!


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Avon Cobra Chrome Radial Tires for GL1800


5 Stars

I’ve run Metzler, Bridgestone, Dunlop and now the Avon. My tires where wearing out every 4k-7k miles with bad cupping and it didn’t matter about the brand. I installed the Traxxion front-end which stopped my wobble and cupping issues. Post Traxxion I put on the Avon tires and like the other reviews there was less road noise, they are great handling and I’m pleased with the wear. I’m having no issues and will buy a new set when the time comes.

I’m guessing if I didn’t have the front-end worked on the GL1800 would have ate these tires up too. The GL1800 is an interesting animal … so many different handling experiences from riders.

Anyway, five stars from me. I’m including a link below which shows my Elite 3 after a blowout, my new Avon pre and post install and a handful of photos with 8,000 miles on them … judge for yourself. On a side note, I run the bike pretty hard.

Good luck and safe riding – James.
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Deluxe 3pc Carpet Kit for GL1800 2001-2010


5 Stars

Not a lot to add given what others wrote. 5 stars ... good fit, good quality, nice look and the price is great.
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HyperKewl Soakable Cool Vest


5 Stars

For $35 bucks this is money well spent. I wore my vest for the first time Saturday in South Florida with 95 degrees and a heat index of 105-110. I was hopeful for just a little more comfort but what I got was a lot more comfort. It exceeded my expectations.

My ride was 120 miles with two stops where I put the vest in a plastic bag I brought along. It lasted the day/6 hours or 3 hours of riding time.
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233


5 Stars

I had mine installed at Gary's Hobbie Shop outside of Atlanta, GA along with the Traxxion system. It has been one year and 17k miles. I had the bearings tightened after 4k miles along with the rear swingarm which was out of spec from the factory to meet my preference. Once all the fine tunning was done the bike is how it is supposed to be or should be.

I have almost no wobble ... hands free in 4th from 55 to 20mph isn't an issue. Before it was a dramatic wobble which would lead to a wreck without hands on the bars.

Now I just enjoy the ride. The setup is worth it and I'm not sure home much any one item contributed to correction ... bearings versus brace versus Traxxion versus swingarm torque increase versus tires, etc. I'm certainly in a better place now with the bikes handling.

Good luck.

I've got some pics and videos of the work.
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ME880 Marathon Tires for GL1800 Front 130/70R18
ITEM CODE: ME2158100,   SKU: ME2158100


4 Stars

I had these tires front and rear. I put them on at 5k miles and replaced them both with Dunlops at 12k miles. They are sticky and have great traction which I like. My GL1800 has a horrific front-end wobble that eats my tires up. I get cupping around 2k-3k miles and I max out my air PSI - front and rear.

I'm giving up on trying to correct the wobble. I put bearings and Traxxion suspension on for $1,500 and the wobble is worse but my front tire is wearing more evenly. I'll probably get 10k miles or more out of my Dunlops.

My original tires were the Bridgestone. I don't know if they were good or not. The dealer told me they were the reason the bike has a wobble. Four trips to Rick Case Honda and they have never been able to help.

I've seen bull riders put up with less stress than the GL1800 between 35-44 mph. Shakes like a palm tree in a hurricane.

I'll probably go back to the Metzler. They gave me the most confidence in the corners. Good luck.
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Universal Throttle Boss
ITEM CODE: KU6251,   SKU: KU6251


5 Stars

Cheap and works. I've had this product for six months and it hasn't loosened like I thought it might. It stays in place and helps me change-up my grip position for long rides. I'm going to buy another one for our V-Strom.
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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B


2 Stars

I just had these removed after 4 months and 6,000 miles (new '07 GL1800 purchased in July). I had a horrible wobble at 37-44mph and vibration at highway speeds. The rear was replaced due to flattening and the front was replaced due to cupping.

I check my tire pressure once a month or if I feel they are off.

Today is day 1 of the Metzlers. The dealer recommended 42 psi filled with nitrogen front and rear. I'm going to give it a try. After a few thousand miles I'll post my feedback on the Metzler tire review area.

I paid a lot more at Rick Case Honda than here for tires. My Metzler rear was $220.95 and the front was $172.95. If I wasn't in a bind I would have saved over $70.00.
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