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San Jose, CA, US, 95134-999




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Black 2010 Honda Goldwing

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Blue 2018 Honda Goldwing

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Blue 2005 Suzuki M50

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Ride America: Hawaii

I will be riding in Hawaii the end of May.... But it will be on a rental HD ultra classic. This will complete my 50 on motorcycle. A day long Pearl Harbor tour package and Tantalus are planned.... Alaska was in 2004 and rode all the way there and up part of the Dalton Highway.

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Cylinder Head Cover
ITEM CODE: BB52-954,   SKU: BB52-954


Metal, not plastic

I was surprised to find these to be made out of metal. I liked that they covered over an opening that another model does not do. They were easy to install.
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LampGard Headlight Protectors for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-925,   SKU: BB52-925


Good fit.

These fit much better than the 2001-2017's. The small end flexes well enough to not be any issue for being slightly out more. If you drive gravel roads often, these are worth the money.
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12V StreetRider Heated Jacket


The replacemetn liner I wanted!

I must say that I bought the jacket to replace a recently lost heated liner I had Gerbing add heat to several years ago. I cannot give this 5 stars because of 2 silly things about it. The "pants" plug is connected to the "gloves"; but if you plug your pants into its own plug, you don't need the plug in the coat for them; it should be on the main plug so a single plug with get both. The other, the outer coat has the zipper slide on the wrong side. I will likely use the outer coat in the rain an skip the outer rain coat over my leather. Hopefully, it handles rain as advertised.
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Adjustable Driver Backrest for 2018-20 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU6772,   SKU: KU6772


No adjustments possible!

The "set screw" that supposed to hold the backrest height is worthless. You cannot have it "set" and install the mount into the seat, nor can you put it in with the mount in the seat. But this does not matter as you cannot remove the backrest with it "set". It is supposed to have a spring loaded ball, but it does not work as it stays jammed inside. There is no fore and aft adjustment either. Moving it "forward" only causes the top to dig into your back and "back" only make it "recline". I am glad that I did not need anything adjusted with it being OK in the only spot it will ever be. Another advantage over my broken "SC" backrest is that I can put my ice-water pump cooler on the back seat for those very hot days on a trip.
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Quick Detach Backrests for 2018+ Gold Wing


It broke after 3 years.

Yesterday after 3 years of use, it broke on me. I have been noticing it fading backwards pressing hard against the back of the seat hole. In the beginning of a 600 mile ride popped and started flopping in the hole. The plate under the seat broke at the bend below the two screws the top slides into. I wanted to include a picture, but it would not add.
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Red LED w/Clear Lense Chrome Trunk Handle
ITEM CODE: KU3215,   SKU: KU3215


The fix for broken/stripped trunk latch holes.

I should have gotten one of these years ago for my 2010. First repair was minor, but should have been done including one of these. Second repair much more extensive and required it this time. Looks nice and easy to install if you do not have to repair a bunch of broken plastic first.
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LED Marker Lights Amber for 2018 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-922A,   SKU: BB52-922A


total loss of "reflector" when off

I am disappointed that the amber reflector for being parked is gone. There is a reason these are reflectors and it is not just because the bike is in operation at the time. I will need to look for other side lighting options.
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LED Marker Lights Red for 2018 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-923R,   SKU: BB52-923R


total loss of "reflector" when off

I am disappointed that the red reflector for being parked is gone. There is a reason these are reflectors and it is not just because the bike is in opperation at the time. I will need to look for other side lighting options.
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Headlight Contour Trim Amber LED for GL1800


Needs diodes.

This item is incompatible with Show Chrome/Big Bike BB52-766 or any other electrical item using the orange/lt blue wires of front running lights unless you wire this with diodes. The two items together seem OK until the Alternator kicks in putting voltage up to 14.5v. This item will back feed power to the running light circuit from the turn signal voltage. The diodes stop that behavior allowing proper function of the other device.
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