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I have had bikes since high school.Wife LOVES to ride with me. I took her for her first ride when we were dating. Sold the bike in 1990 and bought a plane. Five years ago, we were visiting the beach, and it was bike week. We went to a bar, had a sandwich, came out and looked at all the bikes.....wife said....we’re getting another bike, aren’t we? She knows me. Bought a 1998 wing, loved it...till I rode my buddy’s 1800. Sold the 1200, and bought the 1800 goldwing 2008. Love it so much that I sold it and bought a brand new, 2015 anniversary edition goldwing. LOVE IT!!!!
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Black 1979 Honda CM400

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Green 2005 Suzuki Katana 750

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Red/black 2015 Honda GL1800AC

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Fork Brace for GL1800, F6B Gloss Black
ITEM CODE: KU7349,   SKU: KU7349

I want to install one of these on my 2015 red black anniversary edition Goldwing, but I wonder which is best? I like kury, but no reviews. Anyone try one?
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Chrome Lower Fairing Plug Set
ITEM CODE: BB2458,   SKU: BB2458

This was the easiest thing I have ever done for the bike, and looks sharp! These were missing on my bike when I got it, and it was a perfect fit. Some say it did not fit, must have been defective, send them back and get another set. Seconds to install...looks sharp!
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OEM Style Chrome Lower Cowl for GL1500
ITEM CODE: BB2438,   SKU: BB2438

This is an EXACT replacement, and looks GREAT. This piece was broken on my 1500 and it came off easy. I compared the two, took measurements, and they are exactly the same! You have to take your time, and a friend to help hold and line everything up on both sides works fine. This is not a five minute job, took me ( us) a little over 30 minutes, after we had the old one off. Start the center and work to the outside or go to the bottom, DONT snug anything...loosely install everything.....use a pick, or an awl, a couple of them, to get everything lined up. The hoses are in the way....gently push, but don't bind....when it doesn't go the first seven or eight times, take a break, and do it will go, exactly like the old one...a little gentle persuasion ....line everything will fit, snug, but perfectly...30 minutes later you will think you have a new bike. It looks GREAT!
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Factory OEM Air Filter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: HO17210MCAA60,   SKU: HO17210MCAA60

Sometimes I will get a cheaper part, and sometimes aftermarket is aok....but when Honda decided to lay an air filter In the middle of the floor, and then build a bike around it, you want to go back with the BEST. Perfect fit, of course. You can do this....just take your time and follow the book or the video...and take your time....while you have your bike in might as well clean all the places you have never been/never seen, and most likely will never see again, haha.
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Magnetic Drain Plug & Final Drive w/Washer

This is an exact fit for my 2015 GL1800. Change your own oil. Do NOT pay the dealer to do this. If you don't think you can, you can. Buy the videos or go to you tube. This little gem just makes you feel better when it is installed. Another review says peace of mind, I agree completely.
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Wig Wag Brake Modulator
ITEM CODE: PU20500031,   SKU: PU20500031

I love this product . This is the second one I bought. I put it on my 2008, GL1800, and it is the cheapest , safest, thing you can ever do on a motorcycle. Read the instructions, drink a coke , take your time. Instructions are great! So this. Do this now.
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