Performance Black Vented Belly Pan


Performance Black Vented Belly Pan
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Performance Series Louvered Black Powdercoated 2-piece Belly Pan sets the standard in style and protection for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. Powdercoated black steel design offers far more impact resistance than aluminum pans. Front section easily detaches with aircraft quality Dzus® Fasteners, allowing for easy removal when changing your oil.

Protects fragile exposed engine case and plastic coolant tank underneath from harmful road debris. Vented louvers provide more air flow to your powerful engine, while adding an impressive look underneath your bike.

Note: Belly Pans have Sharp Edges, PLEASE use protective gloves when installing.

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Bartlesville, OK
Very pleased so far!

Seems well engineered and made. Install was straightforward and took all of 20 minutes. Fit is good. The front piece covering the oil filter and drain plug is good and snug. No rattles noted. Bike seems a little quieter at highway speed - could be my imagination! The pan should protect against most typical road hazards. Cheap insurance!

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Belly Pan Fitment

I purchased this pan for the protection it will provide to the items under the Wing. Installation was bit tricky, but not too difficult. It is not a plug and play piece of hardware, that's for certain. It was a challenge getting it to fit over all four studs. I am look forward to seeing how it performs in terms of protection. The one thing that really concerns me is that it is pressed against the exhaust on the left side of the bike. I don't think this is a good thing. I would like to see some space between the pan and the exhaust.

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Long Island, NY
Seems like a good pan - easy to install

This product is a black powder coated belly pan that comes to you in two pieces. The larger piece gets mounted to the rear and a smaller piece gets mounted towards the front and allows easy access (removable) to the oil filter. The front is held in place with (apparently) aircraft grade twist nuts that capture a wire after a half turn or so, which will make removal and re-installation simple.

I was dreading the installation of this pan as I read many stories on the net about how difficult it can be to get a belly pan on your GL1800. This one was E A S Y.

Put you bike on the center stand to make all areas accessible. Remove the two acorn nuts on the exhaust pipe cover plate (name? heat shield?), pull the cover away from the bolts that are (fixed) in place and slide the belly pan in over those bolts. Then get the acorn nuts started a bit to help hold the pan in position. The pan will flex a bit to allow placement over the bolts on the opposite side. Acorn nuts on that side and tighten all 4 acorns up.

All in all (including time to figure out how to install, this job took about 1/2 hour and was simple.

I just installed it, so I cannot report on its ability to protect the lower part of my engine, but it's there and WILL protect against most strikes IMHO.

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