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Roseboro, NC,


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Gray/Black 2016 Honda Goldwing A/C

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Cardinal Red 1997 Kawasaki Voyager XII

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Black 1998 Honda ST1100

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Rider Etiquette: The Good Samaritan

While still fresh on my mind..
I have stopped a couple of times to check on bikers or slowed down so they could gesture that they were all right. Once was a young man and his lady friend who had broken down. He had already called a friend and had a trailer coming as it was an electrical issue on a recent purchase he had made. I have also had a couple of people stop to check on me when I was beside the road. Once when I stupidly ran out of gas on an interstate in Indiana, a man and his sons stopped to offer assistance but I already had roadside assistance on the way. They did leave me with an ice cold bottle of water which was greatly appreciated. But it doesn't have to be a rider only. Just today, my wife and I were returning from a run to the mountains and we were about 150 miles from home. We were on my old Kawasaki Voyager and making a left turn in a small town when a young man on a car came up to the stop sign at the intersection where I was turning and pulled out as I was turning directly in front of his vehicle. I hit the brakes and was able to stop and he stopped a couple of feet from me. There was gravel on the highway and I lost my balance and dropped the bike, me and my wife in the side of the intersection. I got up and pulled the bike up enough that it was resting on the crash bars and helped my wife get out from under the bike. I looked around and the driver was just sitting there in his car. Didn't bother to get out and see if he could help us. After I had the bike on the crash bars, I told him that if he wasn't going to help me get the bike up to just go on....which he did. Another gentleman pulled around us and got out to help. He was right behind me when it happened. Said he couldn't believe the guy didn't even say anything. He said the young driver told him when he walked past his door, I didn't hit him, I didn't hit him. He said he told him that he still needs help lifting the bike but the young guy just drove on off without offering any assistance. The guy that stopped to help was a Godsend as the roadway was sloped enough that it would have been all I could do to lift the bike without help. He looked like a bodybuilder and was a former motorcyle rider himself. He waited until I was able to start the bike and followed me a few miles to make sure everything was working on the bike. Just broke a highway peg and twisted the clutch lever out of position when it layed down. Think my wife and I will be a little sore tomorrow as we are both 68 yrs old but all in all it was a good trip. 825 miles and some beautiful mountain fall foilage viewed, so all is well.

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Performance Black Stainless Vented Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416BK,   SKU: WS187416BK

First Goldwing and wanted to protect the under carriage of the bike. PITA to try to install and never got the last acorn nut on after wrestling with it for over an hour. Could not get the body panel out far enough but I think it will suffice with the other 3 nuts holding it in place. Do not hear any vibration or rattles on my initial trial run but will probably remove and cut a larger hole in the pan and body panel later. Also don't know if the PO had repositioned the drain lines under the bike but they did not align with the hole in the pan at all. Hope it serves it's purpose....
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