Factory Service Manual for GL1800 2006-2010


Factory Service Manual for GL1800 2006-2010
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Original Factory Honda GL1800 Service Manual is a Complete Informational Book. Honda Genuine Service Manuals lead the industry with clear, comprehensive presentation of motorcycle service and repair procedures.

Each Service Manual contains easy to read text sections supported by top quality photography and illustrations. Comprehensive General Information section offers the experienced technician at-a-glance service data without the need to review each specific section for specifications and tolerances. Less experienced technicians will benefit from section information that begins with an exploded view of the system, continues with all relevant service data, special tools information and step-by-step repair instructions including: disassembly, inspection, testing/troubleshooting, repair, assembly and adjustment.

Note: HO61MCA55 no longer comes with a binder

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Friendswood, TX
Best Honda Service Manual ever sold. Maybe

On May 13, 2017 I purchased from WingStuff a Honda 2006-2010 GL1800 Service Manual HO61MCA55. As of August 1, 2017 it still hasn't arrived.

In June, Honda Powersports told me printing was held up to incorporate some technical updates but that the manual should be available mid July 2017.

I called Honda Powersports (866-784-1870) today (8/01/2017)and they asked me to call their printer Helm Inc (800-782-4356) because Honda had no control over Helm.

I called Helm Inc and was told they didn't have any information and to have a good day. Reluctantly the CSR gave me a case number and told me to call back next week to find out if Helm Inc. knows when (if?) I might get the manual.


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Not for European model

Just bought this manual. And it does not cover the European model. The wiring diagram is quite different. So it is useless if you are looking for electric assistance with your European model

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This manual is the most in depth service and breakdown of each and every procedure you will ever purchase. If you want to fix it yourself and are somewhat handy with a wrench and carry the qualities of common sense, you can fix it and at the same time save a bunch of money in dealer fees. A lot of information you'll never use but when you need it, it's there and that's pretty handy on the road, a trip or on a Sunday afternoon.

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Wabasha, MN
Every DIY'er should have one

I bought this to compliment the DVD set from Fred H which is excellent and highly recommend as well. This book is huge and very detailed. It came with all the updates and with a 3 ring binder. I was very impressed.

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Scranton, PA
A MUST HAVE for your baby!

I had ordered this thru the dealer and paid ALOT more. Unfortunately WS didn't offer it at that time. I've used it several times already, especially helpful with wiring schematics and maintenance issues.. I highly recommend.

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