1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Black for Honda F6B, GL1800

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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Black for Honda F6B, GL1800
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Aero Highway Pegs from RIVCO feature CNC machined billet aluminum streamlined stealth pegs that flip out with a flick of your boot and have several inches of forward-and-back adjustment. The pegs bolt to the valve covers, and the set comes in anodized black.

The pegs come in three finish choices - triple chrome plated and silver or black anodized. See recommended products.

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Ghost Ridah
Be careful with these pegs

The pegs are nice and sleek but If the bike falls on its sides while the pegs are extended ;valve cover damage can occur.

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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs

Look great. Work great. However.... after gently dropping my bike(first time in 25+ years) I found out these pegs are made too good.Ripped the right valve cover off my bike and dumped the engine oil in about two seconds. Middle of Nebraska and 4 and 1/2 hours from home.Finally got bike to hometown dealer the next day. $$$$. My mistake but possibly aluminum screws may have prevented such a catastrophe. I still rate them high because I did really like them but cannot see myself ever using them again.Please take this with a grain of salt.

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Fort Worth, TX
Great product, with reservations

I love these pegs. I love the way the seamlessly integrate into the sleek line of my Matte Silver and black F6B, and are not noticeable until I flip them out when I use them. I used the for the first time on a trip from Texas, to northern California and back, and recently to Nashville Tennessee and back. Unfortunately, there are two reasons why I will not re-order.
One, the black color turns to purple after a while (either due to heat from the engine, or from UV rays from the sun)but the swing out peg remains black. The entire assembly that is exposed to the sun is purple.
Second, I e-mailed pictures of my pegs to Rivco, and have NOT heard anything in a month.
I would have kept the pegs, even while purple if I had not let the bike fall over while the pegs were extended and the left one was damaged, and eventually broke off.
If not for that, they are a solid product.

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Swansea, MA
Highway Pegs

Quality pegs that were a cinch to install. Low profile along valve covers and flip out easily with a flick of my boot toe. And the anodized black keeps to the black theme of my Goldwing. Sharp!

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Langley, CA
Easy install. OK long haul rides.

Installed on my 2015 Gl1800 anniversary edition. The Aeropegs are an easy to install and look great. Using them for short runs is good. They would be great for long runs too if they could come back just a bit more, or were half an inch or so longer. If you are a shorter rider, like me (5'8") because of the square fairing, you have to bend your knees slightly and lie your foot sideways to avoid rubbing knees on the fairing.

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