1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Black for Honda F6B, GL1800

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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Black for Honda F6B, GL1800
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Aero Highway Pegs from RIVCO feature CNC machined billet aluminum streamlined stealth pegs that flip out with a flick of your boot and have several inches of forward-and-back adjustment. The pegs bolt to the valve covers, and the set comes in anodized black.

The pegs come in three finish choices - triple chrome plated and silver or black anodized. See recommended products.

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Swansea, MA
Highway Pegs

Quality pegs that were a cinch to install. Low profile along valve covers and flip out easily with a flick of my boot toe. And the anodized black keeps to the black theme of my Goldwing. Sharp!

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Langley, CA
Easy install. OK long haul rides.

Installed on my 2015 Gl1800 anniversary edition. The Aeropegs are an easy to install and look great. Using them for short runs is good. They would be great for long runs too if they could come back just a bit more, or were half an inch or so longer. If you are a shorter rider, like me (5'8") because of the square fairing, you have to bend your knees slightly and lie your foot sideways to avoid rubbing knees on the fairing.

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Maryville, TN
Good fit

These pegs fit good, feel good, and look good.. But, as time goes on the black paint on mine has faded from the heat of the motor and now have a purple tint to them. My bike is blacked out and these fit the look of the bike real well. Installation was a breeze.

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Coos Bay , OR
Nice look on the new ride!

I put these on my new 2016 GL and I love the look. Since the bike is black they are a nice addition to the "blacked out look". Very easy to install as they replace the chrome strip. Easy to get too while moving and comfortable for the boots I wear when riding. I like that they dont hang off anything like so many other foot pegs. They are functional and discreet when not in use. I would recommend them for sure.

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Grants Pass, OR
Not practical for long rides

I bought a set of these for my 2015 F6B for the ride to Sturgis and back. a 3800 + mile ride. After reading the reviews, I decided on these because they look cool and match the bike and other reviews said they were comfortable.

For a ride down to the park they're fine but when you're out there on the highway for hours at a time they're not comfortable at all, because the pegs come out at a right angle to the heads. When you place your feet on them, it forces your feet to ride parallel to the bike which is not the natural position for your feet. Riding like this also causes undue pressure against the outside of your boot and actually gets painful after awhile because it's pressing against the sharp boot keeper at the outside of the pegs. Trying to put your heel up on the pegs for relief and a different position is also difficult as your heels tends to slip off of the cleats. It usually took me a few try's before I could get my heel to stay on the pegs without slipping off.

Yes they're quality and look really cool, but not practical for the long haul.

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