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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Black for Honda F6B, GL1800

This is the second set of aero flip-out pegs I've ordered. I moved the first set to the 2016 black bike. But then the wife said I should keep both bikes. So, a second set in black. It means I need to move the first set back into the 2001, but install is really easy. I'd seen the reviews and issues with valve covers and impact from the pegs. Maybe I'm too exacting (there are other terms) but if the bike isn't on a road, the pegs are in. I routinely close them when I'm stopping for something or parking. I missed the reviews about the black fading to purple - that will obviously show in time. If it does, I'll edit the review. The original set now has 75K miles without any problems. It did take one "adjustment" (read remove, adjust, replace) to find the best setting.
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A check will find that I purchased two (2). Not that I expect I will require an immediate replacement, but rather that there are two (2) Gold Wings in the garage. I've had a bare minimum travel cover (windscreen and seats) for a number of years. Extremely lightweight and it held up well in some serious weather. These appear heavier in construction, though not a lot heavier. They also are obviously designed for full, rather than minimal, coverage.While only time can be the true test of any such item, each appears well constructed for use as a travel cover.
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Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: KU5281,   SKU: KU5281

This is the updated review. The bag does stay on at highway speeds. The raincover works; it actually seems waterproof.The front Velcro tabs are short, especially for the rack (which is Kuryakyn). On this rack you need to go outside the posts on both sides. If not the bag will twist when the Velcro tabs slide on the rack. These tabs need to be as long as the rest tabs, which fit over the rack quite nicely.If the rails on my rack were round this might not be a problem. But, in my case, I'm afraid the problem will occur when the Velcro wears and isn't as "sticky.". In the meantime I'll need to add additional Velcro length for these front tabs.As a result, it has not changed my rating for the bag. Surely the manufacturer tested the bag on all their racks before claiming a fit on all. And the cost of a longer Velcro tab shouldn't increase the cost to purchase.
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Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: KU5281,   SKU: KU5281

I installed Kuryakyn luggage rack (SKU: 7151) on my new motorcycle and ordered this rack bag, "...fits all Kuryakyn racks..." Well, it does fit. But... The rack is tapered from front to rear. So the hooks and bungee arrangement want to pull the bag toward the back. There are Velcro tabs for the front and rear. I've not loaded the bag and run highway speeds. The test was supposed to be a planned trip at the end of August. Maybe I will do a pre-trip test run and update this review.
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Modular Select Trunk Liners for GL1800
ITEM CODE: HH8207010500,   SKU: HH8207010500

Purchased this item for a 2016 GL 1800. Last line in it's description says it fits 2001 - 2014 GoldWing. Wingstuff reports it will fit 2016. "Fitment" indicates it will fit 2016. So far, it does fit. Since I've lost the empty CD changer space on my 2001, I'm looking to separate items in the trunk. This looks like a good choice. The test however won't be until late August. If possible, I'll update this review then.
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