Rear Turn Signal Conversion Kit

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Rear Turn Signal Conversion Kit
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Think of this: Your rear turn signal housings are illuminated only when the turn signal is flashing.  These are dead lights the rest of the time.

Our signal kits simply, easily and legally:

  • Will make those dead housings an additional red running light (and brake on the 01316/7 model) the rest of the time.
  • On some bikes, effectively TRIPLES the size of your rear running (and brake) lights without adding any additional housings.
  • Do not alter the operation of the turn signals and the red light shuts off when the amber signal comes on.  

Other kits turn your signal lights into full time running lights and signals, but in amber - ILLEGAL on any motor vehicle and much more expensive than our kit.  No dying or replacement of the lens is required either.

The 01317 is specific for the 2001-2005 Honda GL1800.  It adds a red running light and alternating turn signal to the SIDE of the unlit housing for extra safety.

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Flowry Branch, GA
Water In the Lens

I purchased these here on wing stuff some time back. Put them on and Loved them. Then some time later Noticed water inside the lens. Seems that the holes I added to the lens for these did not seal up so well. The water got in and cause all kinds of damage to these lights, the other lights and sockets. Bulbs broke sockets over headed and distorted. I purchased a used light assembly from a trike conversion to replace my original tail light cluster.

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Lehigh Acres, FL
Great idea when they work

I bought these and within a few months,the bulbs burned out so I bought another set since I couldn't find any replacement bulbs. Within 4 months, another burned out bulb. They look great when they're working

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matthews, NC
not bad, bulb life not very good

I purchased these for my bike a year ago, Was surprised they burnt out already. good idea, just needs some better quality bulbs.

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108 Mile Ranch, CA
Not Compatible with LEDs!

Bought this kit with the idea of adding additional lights to the back of the bike. Installations was pretty straightforward and initially, the lights worked as advertised. In addition to this kit, I changed out all the standard bulbs in the back to LEDs from SoCalMotorgear. The instant these LEDs were installed, the problems started.

Every time I turned on the bike, the signal lights would light up with the turn signals off. I though it might be a problem with the LEDs included with this kit so I tried some others I had. Same problem. I tried swapping out various lights on the bike and it was only when I put in the OEM signal lights on the rear of the bike that this kit started to work again.

Contacted Electrical Connection about the issue and the said it was a problem with the lower resistance of the LED bulbs. They had another customer with the same problem but, as of yet, had not come out with a fix.

If you plan on keeping the stock lighting in the rear, this kit is worth exploring, however, it you've done, or plan to do, an LED upgrade, don't waste your money.

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Placerville, CA
Rear Turn Signal Conversion

For less than twenty dollars, it does add some visibility, but brighter LEDs will help make them somewhat noticeable in the daylight. Don't try blowing the debris from drilling the holes, or they get lodged behind the red lens area in the housing. I rigged a small piece of tubing on a vacume and removed it through one of the amber light ports.

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