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108 Mile Ranch, CA, V0K 2Z0




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Candy Spectra Red 1998 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE

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Candy Alizarin Red 2012 Honda Gold Wing GL1800AL

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Two-tone custom red 1997 Honda Valkyrie GL1500CT

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Black w/Smoke Lenses LED Rear Fender Tip 2nd Gen GL1800, F6B
ITEM CODE: KU3248,   SKU: KU3248

Had this product on my 2012 'Wing for two years until it failed. While it adds some much needed light to the back of the bike is has a serious quality control issue. When it failed I noted that only one side would light up for the running lights and the brake light did not work at all. When I removed the light to try and clean the contacts I saw that some dirt had collected at the bottom of the clear lens, which surprised me as the unit is supposed to be sealed. Upon inspection of the back I noted seven holes where the clear lens snaps into the main housing. These holes are supposed to be sealed, however, the sealant was poorly applied with numerous gaps which allowed water and dirt to enter the electronics. Chalking it up to just getting a bad unit I ordered another and when it arrived, check the back to find the same problem - large gaps in the sealant. Before installing I resealed the unit and installed. Given where this product is located, poor sealing is a guarantee of eventual failure. You'd think given how expensive these lights are that the quality control would be a little better. Anyone purchasing one, or who has one currently installed, would be advised to check the back and apply sealant in these areas to ensure longevity. Come on Kuryakyn, you can do better than this!
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Rear Turn Signal Conversion Kit
ITEM CODE: EC01322,   SKU: EC01322

Bought this kit with the idea of adding additional lights to the back of the bike. Installations was pretty straightforward and initially, the lights worked as advertised. In addition to this kit, I changed out all the standard bulbs in the back to LEDs from SoCalMotorgear. The instant these LEDs were installed, the problems started.

Every time I turned on the bike, the signal lights would light up with the turn signals off. I though it might be a problem with the LEDs included with this kit so I tried some others I had. Same problem. I tried swapping out various lights on the bike and it was only when I put in the OEM signal lights on the rear of the bike that this kit started to work again.

Contacted Electrical Connection about the issue and the said it was a problem with the lower resistance of the LED bulbs. They had another customer with the same problem but, as of yet, had not come out with a fix.

If you plan on keeping the stock lighting in the rear, this kit is worth exploring, however, it you've done, or plan to do, an LED upgrade, don't waste your money.
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While this cover does fit over my 2012 Gold Wing it does so just barely. The cover is far too tight to fit on the bike, so much so that I'm concerned about scratching the trunk and saddlebags every time I put it on.

In addition, while I currently have the stock windscreen on the bike, I'm planning on purchasing an F4 +2 in the near future. I doubt very much the cover will fit well with that windscreen installed and I know it won't once I install Air Wings.

I purchased a cover from WingStuff many years ago, order said it was a house brand but it was labeled as a Champion Cover. Found that it fit my Gl1500 with F4 +4 perfectly. Not too tight but snug enough to stay on in inclement weather when travelling. Might try that cover on my GL1800. Unfortunately, that leaves the GL1500 with no cover as I know this newer cover will not fit, especially with the taller windscreen and Baker Air Wings installed.
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