Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800


Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
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Kuryakyn Gold Wing Accessories - Happy passengers need happy feet, so give your Gold Wing passenger the gift that’ll provide smiles for miles. These sleek yet durable mounts are just the ticket for creating an oasis of passenger comfort. Position the cruise pegs forward and out for a variety of foot placement options and a dream ride. Bolting directly to the factory GL1800 floorboard mounts these cleverly designed cruise pegs also pivot out of the way when not in use ensuring no interference with the riders’ legs.

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Littleton, CO
Great Product, But...

After 48 thousand plus miles on the 08 wing, my Co-Rider was in desperate need of a way to stretch her legs on rides over 300 miles. I looked around for a solution to this need, ask questions of our GWRRA friends, and even had her sit on several bikes with this and other cruise pegs. Her favorite was this model.
We have ordered two sets of these pegs, one set for the 08 Wing, and one set for the 2015 40th Anniversary wing we replaced the 08 Wing with.
In both cases we had big issues with Kuryakyn's quality control. In general the installation of the product is straight forward. The issue came when inserting the passenger angle adjustment set screw. When installing the set screw, the threads were not cut properly on either the screw or the billet it screws into. I both cases we had to re-tap the billet and replace the set screw to match the threads we just cut (10-24 if I remember correctly). This took extra time, and in once case we actually had to 'easy-out' the set screw, which was even more of a pain. I am aware of other riders and their Co-rider having the same issue. That said, I believe these are some of the best Co-rider pegs on the market. Just be prepared to potentially clean up the threads on the angle adjustment set screw. If you don't have a tap to cut the new treads it will cost you the time to get one and to by the appropriate length set screw to match that tap.
I also would have liked to see this product in the "Black" chrome. On the 2015 it would have matched the scheme of the Mini Floorboards and the Ego II highway pegs.
It would get a 5 star rating otherwise.

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Warner Robins, GA
These are marvelous!

I love accessorizing my bike and my lover can't get enough of these pegs! These are the grooviest! Peace out people!

Smile :) we like them!

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buena park, CA
Gyno pegs...

My wife gave them that nickname. She loves them! She says they are the second best accessory I purchased. (her own heated jacket liner was the first) My wife is 5'10" and really needed more leg room. When I am doing a ironbutt ride by myself, I use them, to change up my foot placement. If your riding partner is 5'8" or taller.... they are a must!!

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Oklahoma City, OK
Happy wife Happy life

My wife loves these footrests.They give her a different position to put her legs for tose long trips.They will hit the back of your legs when backing but all you have to do is fold them up.They are better for long distance riding than in town so you don't have to mess with them all the time.Once you get used to them being there not really an issue.Quality product made out of thick metal.Price is a little high but hey it's for the wife.

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Spring Hill , FL
Perfect Addition

These are a perfect addition to the bike. They look great, took 20 minutes to install and the wife loves them. Had no issues putting them on. Everything lined up perfect. It’ll take getting some use to feeling them on the back of my legs when my feet are down, but they move out of the way easy enough for stop and go traffic. Perfect for long rides.

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