Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800


Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
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Kuryakyn Gold Wing Accessories - Happy passengers need happy feet, so give your Gold Wing passenger the gift that’ll provide smiles for miles. These sleek yet durable mounts are just the ticket for creating an oasis of passenger comfort. Position the cruise pegs forward and out for a variety of foot placement options and a dream ride. Bolting directly to the factory GL1800 floorboard mounts these cleverly designed cruise pegs also pivot out of the way when not in use ensuring no interference with the riders’ legs.

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Fort Dix, NJ
Perfect Addition

These are a perfect addition to the bike. They look great, took 20 minutes to install and the wife loves them. Had no issues putting them on. Everything lined up perfect. It’ll take getting some use to feeling them on the back of my legs when my feet are down, but they move out of the way easy enough for stop and go traffic. Perfect for long rides.

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Da Chief
Orlando, FL
Happy Spousal Unit!

My funny, little Honey enjoys riding on the 'Queen Seat' (when she isn't riding her own bike) but keeping her feet in the same position on longer rides used to make her knees hurt. With these Cruise Pegs she can move her feet around and no more aching knees!

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Holland, Manitoba, CA
QC issues

I was excited to install these pegs for my (new) bride. I ordered them as a surprise for her, and had them sent to a friend's place. We planned to visit them along the way on our honeymoon. I thought Don and I could install the pegs in about 10 or 15 minutes without her knowing, then take her to the bike and shout "surprise!" Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way.

We installed the LHS peg in about 2 minutes. The RHS peg was a different matter. The set screw on that peg (which is a "height" or rather, an angle adjustment screw) just wouldn't screw in all the would get about halfway and bind. Fortunately, we could extract the screw and with a flashlight, we could see that there was a problem with the threads. The next morning (when the stores were open), I took a trip to the hardware store to purchase a tap & die set to attempt to fix the thread problem. Fortunately, chasing the threads worked, but the surprise for Cecile was "ruined."

I sent an email off to Wingstuff, with photos of the procedure we performed on the footpeg, along with a copy of the receipt for the tools, and Wingstuff kindly covered the cost of the "repair," and then some.

I'm glad we could get these pegs installed for the trip home (she loves them, by the way), and not have to return them for a replacement set. Thanks Wingstuff!

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ware, MA
wife happy

easy install about30min. wife has long legs and bad hips could only ride about 1hr and had to take a break,now she can go a few hours before we take a break.she says with the little bit of extra stretch makes a world of difference

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St. Chales, MO
good looking

If you are the driver that puts your foot down on turns and lets it slide down the pavement these are not for you. You will get your leg and or foot caught under them. If you keep your feet on your foot pegs then there is no interference. These fit well and look really good. My wife likes the option to move her legs and says these are in a good position for her. She has long legs and these fit her sitting position nicely.

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