Windshield "Optional" Electric Adjusting Kit


Windshield "Optional" Electric Adjusting Kit
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Adjust your Windbender for changing conditions, with the touch of a switch: With a full four inch stroke, you can put your Windbender where you want it, when you want it. Riding twisties? Put it down. Highway riding? Put it up. Raining? Put it even further down to let the wind blow the rain off your face-shield. Passenger? Put it back up. Traffic? Put it down for better visibility. Adjust it anytime you like, at any speed!

Available with or without the handlebar switch housing: While we find it very convenient to mount our switch next to our left thumb on the handlebar, not everyone will want it there. Whether you are concerned about confusion with the horn button or relocation of the left handgrip, or just don't want the switch on the handlebar, get the kit without the housing, save a few bucks, and mount your switch in any location you choose; we provide plenty of cable. One Year Warranty: Windbender electric motor kits are guaranteed for one full year from date of purchase against manufacturing defects or failures.

CB USERS: If you are using a CB radio, you will hear the DC induction motor (static) through your headset. This is normal. The amount of noise you hear or don't hear can be controlled by adjusting the squelch on your CB. WARNING: Although your Windbender motor is waterproof to rain and gentle washing, DO NOT POWERWASH THE MOTOR!

This Optional Windbender Windshield Electric Adjuster Kit is sold separately and is designed to fit ANY Windbender Gold Wing Windshield. Easily attaches to your Windbender Windshield to electrically allow UP and DOWN movement of your GL1500 or GL1800 Windbender Windshield. 

Finally, a Nearly Plug-n-Play Electric Adjust Option for the Windbender: Our new electric option can be added to any Windbender with minimal disassembly of your motorcycle. Our motor draws less than one amp of electric current, so you can plug it into your accessory circuit without the use of relays or extra fuses. It carries an IP54 rating; " waterproof to spray from all angles". It has built in limit and over-temperature switches. And it moves one inch per second!

6 Member Reviews

Portland, OR
Completes the perfect windscreen system

I have the HPS-11 with rake kit and electric option. I love to look way over the top of the screen around town and in the twisties but find that the sweetspot above 60mph on the highway is about two inches below eye level. The electric option means that I can go between those two heights on the fly in anout 4 seconds.

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West Jordan, UT
A "must have"

I just purchased the Windbender and bought the electric actuator with it. I installed them together on my 2012. I love the windshield and wouldn't be without the electric feature. This brings the Goldwing into the 21st century with respect to being a great performance item. I also purchased the handlebar switch. The 2012 has heated grips. So, I followed the directions and turned the grips on high for a few minutes which then allowed me to fairly easily pull the left handgrip out far enough to install the switch. This option is a bit pricy, but if it lasts like I think it should, I think the convenience of being able to fine tune the windshield on the fly is definitely worth it.

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Maybe I got a bad one?

I bought this the beginning of the 2012 season. It made it about 25,000 miles/five months on the bike. First started making a grinding noise in Colorado, and quit working shortly after. I e-mailed Dayle at Firecreek and he replaced the actuator under warranty. Hopefully this one holds up better. The electric adjusting actuator is souuupaa sweet when it works, and I feel it is the best feature of the Windbender system. I say that after using the HP and the HPS shields for a season, prior to the electric option. Five star item, if it holds together a few years.

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chicago, IL
I do not have this product

When is Honda going to wake up and join the 21st century? I appreciate the manufacturers on trying to put something that is needed on these bikes but come on. Here, look at 3 metal strips and wire at all times. If you get bored, take a look at what BMW has done with their touring bike, the GTL1600. I am on my third Goldwing and love the bike, but this is needed.

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Carlisle, PA

Pricey but it's one of those "You get what you pay for" items. A must have addition to the Windbender in my opinion. The ability to adjust the windshield on the fly allows you to get the most from your Windbender under any riding condition. This newer version is a huge improvement over the old style electric option. Everything needed is supplied but a paper template to assist in locating the location to drill the two required holes would be a welcome addition. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because one of the wires wasn't crimped properly in the plug coming from the optional handlebar mounted switch and it fell out. I had to remove the pin from the connector and solder it.

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  • GL1500, GL1500 Trike
  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017