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Living in the north country where we can only ride about 6 months out of the year, I didn't want to spend my time at the dealers waiting on repairs. That's why I bought a Wing. Now I seem to have trouble going to work in the summer. You see, I don't want to waste my time there when the weather is so good for that a paradox?
PS: I have received some feed back from others including manufacturers regarding my reviews of product. I am sorry if you don't like it but I call them as I see them and if it's junk I will tell others without reserve.
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Fast is good.....accurate is deadly. Wyatt Earp

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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

I installed all three balancers on my 08 Wing along with a brand new set of Avon Cobra's. Prior to the change, I was able to do up to 230 KmPH without any noticeable balance problems. Now at about 160 KmPH I get a very noticeable vibration to the point where I don't want to go any faster. Under these kinds of speeds it is dead smooth. So, the tires or the balancers? I am giving Centramatic the benefit of the doubt as I have read of several folks having trouble with the Cobra's.......
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Wing Deflectors™ Fairing Wind Deflectors for GL1800

This is another addendum to my original review. These units call for a thread lock to be used on the special bolts threaded into the fairing so that the screws afixing the wind wings hardware will break loose separately. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU USE FOR A THREAD LOCK! I took my bike to a dealer for some warrantee work and they managed to break all four tabs off the fairing lowers. I used blue thread lock and had no problems with removing the screws for maintenance with an allen key but they used an air ratchet and the extra torque ruined my lowers. This is not Quantum's fault but I can see where it may be repeated.
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Windshield "Optional" Electric Adjusting Kit

Install is fairly straight forward and well planned out. The product works as stated and my only complaint is to do with the instructions. They reference a "green" Hitachi connection on the Wings wiring harness. I have an 08 Wing and mine was red. It cost me about 10 minutes of screwing around looking for something that did not exist. The connection you are looking for is in a medium sized boot along with the connection for the Ipod connection in the left fairing pocket. The FireCreek wiring harness supplied makes provision to add an additional plug in should you need it for something else. Take care when installing the actuator. I had to loosen the windshield slides and make sure there was sufficient space between the upper and lower to clear the actuator base. 1 star off for the misleading instructions.
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ITEM: PG32357

Second Baker product I have purchased and again was a little disappointed. They do what they are supposed to do and keep your feet a lot warmer and dryer. The install is literally a snap. No, my disappointment is to do with the colour. I purchased the both leg wings and foot wings from Baker in a dark smoke and they do not match. The leg wings are a brownish tint while the foot wings are a definite grey yet both are supposed to be the same polycarbonate material. Seems there are some QC issues at Baker......
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Kill Switch Cover for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52609,   SKU: BB52609

Piece is pressed and chromed steel and not plastic. Install in 5 minutes. Fit and finish is good. helps to visually tie in the kill switch to other chromed items in the area. I would buy again.
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Rear Fender Chrome Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU9017,   SKU: KU9017

This piece is zinc die cast metal and not plastic. Fit and finish is good and install about 10 minutes. Finishes off the rather bland look to the tip of the Honda stock fender. I would buy again.
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Front Fender Tip for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7321,   SKU: KU7321

Piece is metal (zinc die cast)and not plstic. Fit and finish are good Installation about 5 minutes. Adds some flair to the unadorned stock fender. Would I buy again? In a minute.
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ITEM: PG01049

This is the first piece of Baker Built product that I have purchased along with the foot wings and I am not at all impressed. The hardware looks and is cheap and trashy. It does not fit and grip the crash bar at all well and when fully tightened the unit will still move around. (Even over tightening did not cure this) I am running Kury chromed valve covers and while the right side wing fit fairly well, the left did not. The clearances are far too tight and it will require some massaging with a dremel tool to open it up. Apparently Baker has had some experience with this in the past as they supply some little rubber pads to place between the stock valve cover and the deflector. I haven't ridden with them yet so lets hope they do as Baker claims or they will be an EBay item.
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ABS Chrome Trunk Molding
ITEM CODE: BB52611,   SKU: BB52611

Be very careful when removing the plastic wrap from these units. I managed to break one of the tabs off the center section on the trunk trim getting it off. I don't know why Show Chrome insists on double plastic vacuum wrap on many of their parts but this has been a headache before. I used a dab of grease on the thread bosses prior to installing the screws but several of them still split when starting the screws in. This seems to be an ongoing problem with these parts and is mentioned in many of the reviews and I suspect that Honda uses ABS plastic while Show Chrome uses polystyrene which is more brittle in nature. Once installed though the fit and finish is very good.
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Chrome Fairing Moldings for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: BB52643,   SKU: BB52643

I bought a set of these a couple of years ago and installed them. I gave a three star rating as the tabs do snap off rather easy in comparison to the stockers. Honda uses ABS plastic but these are more like polystyrene which is more brittle by nature. Anyway, I ended up using a couple of layers of 3M double sided tape to build up the cavity and then put velcro on top of that to hold in position where the tabs had broken off. Works fine and keeps them where they should be.
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Wing Deflectors™ Fairing Wind Deflectors for GL1800

This is an addendum to my original review. I have now run these units for about 12000 klics and had absolutely no problem with the bolting which was my original concern. They are without a doubt, in my opinion, the best units available on the market today. I have been through 70 mph winds, past semi's, and ran up to 220Km with them on and not once did they shift from the position I had them in. If you want a quality well designed and engineered product, these are the unit to look at!
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Passenger Armrests for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52677A,   SKU: BB52677A

Yesterday I rote a review regarding Show Chrome's passenger armrests which is not at all complimentory. Later in the the day I received a call from Don at Wing Stuff saying that Show Chrome had contacted them and was expressing concern over my review. Don asked me to contact a gentleman named Wally at Show Chrome and speak to him personally. I spoke to Wally today and he again expressed concern for my difficulties with their product. He asked if there was anything they could do for me regarding my concerns and told me that he had printed off my review and forwarded it to his R&D department to see if they could address my comments and improve the product to a higher level of quality and design.

I am not going to rescind my comments as I feel they are valid. What I am doing though is to offer my accolades to both Wing Stuff and Show Chrome for taking the time to investigate and offer solutions to my problems as a customer. I, like most of the riders out there, work hard for my money. When I chose to purchase a product and that product does not meet my expectations I feel as though I was taken advantage of. Most of the time if I complain I am given little or no response with the occasional "Sucks to be you" thrown in for good measure. The end result is normally that I cannot fight back as they have my money and I have learned a new lesson in life about dealing with some people.

My point here is that both Wing Stuff and Show Chrome did what I consider to be the right thing. They both took the bull by the horns and offered to try to make things right for me as a person, not just a customer. They displayed concern and acted honourably as corporate bodies which is the exception to the rule in my experience.

In my life I try and find quality in both products and people. In this case, the quality of the product was lacking in my opinion. However, having said this, I can honestly say that the quality of the people that make up these organizations more than makes up for my small difficulties. So, to Don and all the folks at Wing Stuff and Wally and his lot at Show Chrome, my hat is off to you. You have once again restored my faith in the idea that there are good people out there if you care to look and these folks don't let you down. Thank You again.
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