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Black 2002 Goldwing GL1800

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Silver 1987 Goldwing GL1200

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Black 2006 Genuine Buddy

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Oil Change Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT

Comes with crush washers, O-ring, and OEM DCT filter and Oil filter. Makes it easy.
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ITEM: PG37883

The product is superb. The directions are concise and it adjusts quite easily. The only thing that is below par is the seat hole cover.
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GT Touring Full Cover Black/Charcoal for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB4-454BC,   SKU: BB4-454BC

I've been using Ultraguard on my 2002 goldwing for 6 years. Last month I bought a 2023 Goldwing Tour DCT and I ordered the Ultraguard for this bike. Fits like a glove.
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Half Cover Black for Gold Wing

Great price. Fits perfectly. Has reinforced patches where your antennas bend over (always a weak spot on most covers). Doesn't move at all so wind won't rub it on your paint. Packs easily into it's own bag and fit's into the odd space at the back of your saddlebags.
Not a full cover and won't keep your bike dry in a downpour but keeps prying eyes (and hands) off your bike as well as sun, dew, and debris .
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ITEM: PG36662

No problems, works exactly like it should. Handles 25 pounds no problem. Also the aluminum drills easily for extra bungie hook spots or for mounting your license plate on the back of the rack.

Only small complaint is that the paint chips off easily but a rattle can fixes that up fairly easily.
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Windbender Rake Adjusting Windshield Kit

Follow-up to my previous review. Still love it but wanted to pass on what has worked best for me.

I still ride with both the HP-11 and the base all the way down most of the time around town. I'm looking WAY over everything, almost like not having a shield at all. But for longer rides at speeds above 60 mph I have found this to be perfect:

Base up 2-3 inches.
Rake set at 18 degrees from vertical using a bubble level.
Shield about 2 inches below eye level.

Somehow the venturi effect of the base being a little higher really helps calm the airflow. In "clean" air there is no buffeting at all. In traffic with "dirty" air you get gusts but still almost never any buffeting.

Anyway, I have found big differences in the riding experience with small changes in the rake and base/shield heights. So don't give up if it doesn't feel perfect right away.

By the way, I really like the way the rake/shield combo looks when it's all the way down, very high tech. All the way up it looks a little clunky, but who cares if it works this well.
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Cool Rider Beverage Holder

It's a very basic cup holder and works perfectly. To be honest, I keep the foam cozy in it most of the time and use it as a cubby for small items like my phone or earbuds when I'm running errands around town.
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Windshield "Optional" Electric Adjusting Kit

I have the HPS-11 with rake kit and electric option. I love to look way over the top of the screen around town and in the twisties but find that the sweetspot above 60mph on the highway is about two inches below eye level. The electric option means that I can go between those two heights on the fly in anout 4 seconds.
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Windbender Rake Adjusting Windshield Kit

I have ridden with the Windbender system for three years now. I love looking over the top of the windshield but at higher speeds (60mph and up) the head rattling turbulence would eventually force me to raise the shield and look through it.

With the new rake brackets and a HPS-11 I can look 6" over the screen at speeds under 60 and 2" over at higher speeds. It actually gets calmer the faster you go! Another rider described it as being like riding in a convertable and that is exactly right.

The Windbender HPS with rake kit & electric option is not cheap but is by far the best money I've spent on my wing.
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New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

I bought these to help with buffeting on the driver's helmet. I'm running a stock shield with vent and they really made a difference.
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ITEM: BB52748

Piece of cake to install, especially after watching a youtube video on installing a Hondaline power plug which is basically the same. The Show Chrome version is actually easier!
It's a bit of a tight fit though, so make sure that your wire bundles are all back in their original positions before putting everything back together.
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