Kuryakyn Heel Toe Shifter Kit for GL1800


Kuryakyn Heel Toe Shifter Kit for GL1800
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Kuryakyn Heel Toe Shifter for any Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle provides convenience of a Heel Toe Shifter without the floorboards.

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Love It / Hate It

used on a 2010 Goldwing since 2012 worked great but the finish on it is total cheap crap mock chrome stated bubbling and peeling year one. Just bought a 2017 wing and will get it powder coated and reinstall on new bike. Would definitely not spend that kind of money due to the finish peeling off. It will cost about 25 bucks for powder coating vs 180+ for new it's a no brainer. However loved how it worked :-)

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Puncture danger...

If I could give this "product" a negative rating I would... I purchased an '08 with this piece of junk installed (peg model not floorboard.) On the return trip from buying the bike, I exited a slightly sloping driveway with a curve to the left. As I picked up my left foot and began the "decent" my left heel moved through what should have been open space and was gored by the heel tang on the shifter. It punctured the leather covering the heel protector and drove my boot toe first into the pavement, hyper-extending my toes over backward (only broke the big toe, lol.) Not only are these dangerous, take a real good look at the "connection" to the stock shifter tang, yeah, it's a C channel that hooks the stock shifter and doesn't shift worth a damn. These things aren't cruisers and heel/toe shifting sucks in the GW's riding position.

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Lebanon, OR
Love it

Ever since I put the Heel Toe shifter on my first bike I have fallen in love with them... This was the first accessory I installed on my new GL 1800.
The fit and finish is superior to any of the ones I put on my previous bikes and this one has never come loose in over 2 years of hard riding.
the install was easy and if I had to make a complaint it would be the chrome piece that attaches to the frame does not match the brushed steel of the stock one... but who's gonna notice.

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Seattle, WA
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I purchased mine (brand new)from another vendor for a few bucks cheaper. However, the black plastic piece causes the unit to bind. The binding prevents the shifter spring mechanism from traveling far enough to reset. Because of that, it won't allow the bike to shift into 3rd, 4th, or 5th gear. I called Kuryakin and they told me to sand the plastic piece down. ...no improvements.

I'm open to suggestions if anyone experienced the same problems.

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Fort Valley, VA

This is a GREAT product for the goldwing. install on my 08 with no problem, Looks great with Kury highway pegs driver and passenger floor boards. i have had no rust as mentioned in other comments and no problem with shifting at all. Love it!!!

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