Kuryakyn Heel Toe Shifter Kit for GL1800


Kuryakyn Heel Toe Shifter Kit for GL1800
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Kuryakyn Heel Toe Shifter for any Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle provides convenience of a Heel Toe Shifter without the floorboards.

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Seattle, WA
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I purchased mine (brand new)from another vendor for a few bucks cheaper. However, the black plastic piece causes the unit to bind. The binding prevents the shifter spring mechanism from traveling far enough to reset. Because of that, it won't allow the bike to shift into 3rd, 4th, or 5th gear. I called Kuryakin and they told me to sand the plastic piece down. ...no improvements.

I'm open to suggestions if anyone experienced the same problems.

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Fort Valley, VA

This is a GREAT product for the goldwing. install on my 08 with no problem, Looks great with Kury highway pegs driver and passenger floor boards. i have had no rust as mentioned in other comments and no problem with shifting at all. Love it!!!

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Gilbert, AZ
Heel Toe Shifter w/o boards

This product went on easier that I thought. Works great once used to it. I need a Side stand extender as it is a bit tight with the shifter there and my big foot. As far as the comment that this will not fit on a 2010....... I have a 2010 and it fit just fine. I recommend the product.

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Indianapolis, IN
A couple minor problems

Installation was OK and it works fine. On a trip it had to set out in an overnight rain, IT GOT RUSTY in the grooves in the heel and toe pedals BECAUSE THOSE PIECES ARE NOT CHROMED (?). Kury replaced them N/C but should not have the problem to start with. I had to make an extension for the side stand because the heel pedal obscures the side stand and makes it almost impossible to lower the stand. Kury should include a part to install on the side stand

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Millersville, MD

I bought this because I traded my Electraglide in for the Wing and loved the heel toe shifter. I also don't like scuffing my boot toe. I chose not to go for floorboards because my riding position on the Wing places my feet a litte more to the rear than the Electraglide and I find it more comfortable to point my toes down slightly on the foot pegs. This kit solved my dilemma.

The installation was simple and involved taking the old footpeg plate of and replacing it with the Kuryakyn plate with the shifter mounted onto it. It was a tight fit to get to one of the hex head screws so I did put several pieces of black electrical tape on the shifter to keep from marring it.

My only complaint with this setup is that it's rather cramped shifting the toe as the shifter actually sits on top of the old shifter and as you can see it's right up against the rear of the valve cover. Now that I have been using it this doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. All in all, I love this product and am very happy with the quality of the shifter as I have been with most of Kuryakyn's products.

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