Premium Trike Cover w/Bag for Gold Wing Trikes


Premium Trike Cover w/Bag for Gold Wing Trikes
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Premium Trike Cover is 100% Waterprof and fits Gold Wing & All motorcycle Trikes. incorporates all the features you want in a high quality Trike Cover. We use the highest quality super durable 600 Denier Waterproof Polyester which offers a higher level of protection in the elements and sun than most any other brand cover. Because Trikes are often parked outside due to size, we designed this cover with a much more durable denier than other brands, assuring long term durability you can't find elsewhere. 

Features American style logo, soft inner windshield liner, heat sealed seams, high visibility reflective piping, re-enforced antenna corners, elastic hem, side venting, draw string storage pouch, rust proof lower grommets with attached stretch straps. You'll find the high quality material durable in harsh weather and direct sunlight, but not bulky for easy storage. Protect your investment, fits all Gold Wings with Lehman, Champion, California Sidecar and every popular Trike on the market.

Heavy Duty Cover is Durable, but not too bulky for easy storage, this one of the highest quality Trike Covers on the market today and is absolutely 100% waterproof. We offer these to Gold Wing riders worldwide at a super low price..

Note: Does not fit CSC Viper

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Slidell, LA

The rear of the cover has a zipper and a really strong elastic band. Being as careful as I could I still managed to scratch one of my fenders pretty bad. The cover is great once it's on its just getting it on without damaging your bike. I have been buffing on these scratches for weeks...

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Springvale, ME
Trike cover

Good quality cover, Not easy to get back into bag for storage. I have Motortrike Adventure IRS kit installed on my 05 wing. Fits well

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Fit California Sidecar?

Just went to try fit on our CSC. It is a very nice cover, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to get it on. We have an '08 Wing with CSC conversion just done in December (Cobra XL). I have spent about 20 minutes so far, I will try some more. I called Wingstuff and was told they haven't heard of any fitment problems with our conversion. I also ordered one for a friend that has same conversion, but hasn't tried it yet. He already sent one back to J&P Cycle that didn't fit his last Fall. I will update. If I get it on rating will go to 5 star.

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G Man
Blythewood, SC

I purchased this Trike cover, because I'm going to have my 1800 Goldwing Trike very soon. Having it to just cover just my bike at this time is very nice and it covers everything. The tie downs are great also. This is a great cover, but once you take it out of the carrying bag just think about keeping it out. It is very hard to get it back into the bag, but I still love it.

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Wenatchee, WA

I really like this cover. Just went out and put it on my MotorTrike and the fit was great. I had no trouble putting the cover on by myself, but found it easier to leave it zipped up and stretch in over the front then down over the back. I have the aquashields on my trike and it is quite low so I probably won't hook the straps underneath, but it they would reach if needed to. I have never had a zipper before but like the idea of being able to access the trunk without removing the cover off half of the trike.

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