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Rick's Rides - Episode 8 Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap

After replacing his suspension at Traxxion Dynamics in Woodstock, Georgia, Rick tests the upgrade out by riding up to the world famous Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap. He's never been to Tail of the Dragon, but always wanted to. Before hitting Tail of the Dragon, Rick explores the surrounding roads, including Moonshiner Highway 28, and discovers a pleasant surprise! 

Join WingStuff owner, Rick Arnoldo, as he rides some of the best roads that our country has to offer in our series, Rick's Rides. Some renowned and others a bit more obscure, they will be roads that remove you from the hectic pace of city life and move you on an adventure! In each episode, Rick will reflect on the ride and give the viewer an up close look at what the road has to offer.
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