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Wingin' It How To Do An Oil Change on the 2018+ Gold Wing

An update from Fred Harmon:

There is a note in the service manual about draining the oil on the sidestand. In order to video this procedure, the bike had to be on the centerstand so I could get the right camera angles. You will get just a small amount of additional oil out of the engine if you drain it on the sidestand instead of the centerstand. As with any of my video procedures, I always recommend reading and following the Honda service manual. _______________________________________________________________

In this video, Fred Harmon shows you how to perform an oil change on the 2018+ Gold Wing DCT. This is the first video in our series Wingin' It with Fred Harmon. While this video specifically deals with the DCT model, it also applies to the non-DCT models. You would basically do everything the same, except just skip the DCT filter part.

Fred Harmon is one of the utmost authorities when it comes to the Honda Gold Wing. Riders all over the world look to him for his wealth of knowledge and he has become one of the most respected voices in the Gold Wing community. He is a great resource for anyone interested in DIY maintenance on their Wing.
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