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dark cherry metalic 2009 Honda GoldWing

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Hawksey Blue 2018 Honda Goldwing

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Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. Sena 50S Bluetooth Communication Systems

I wonder if anyone has had much CB experience with the Sena 50? My Packtalk has a one second delay on the recieving end, and my passenger does not here my side of the conversation. Just curious what others may have experienced.



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Stuff Bags
I have found stuff bags, the kind that back packers use to be a great tool for packing in compact places, like your Wing, especially if you have a 2018+ that Honda forgot to put storage on. I can fit 3 days worth of everything that I need except for Levis in a small stuff bag. Give them a whirl and let me know how it works for you.

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High Capacity Trunk Lid Pearl Hawkseye Blue for 2018-19 Gold Wing Tour

When I purchased my Trunk Lid it was not yet available from Wingstuff, however I felt a need to write a review since there were none. Since this a pretty pricy item to add to your already expensive Wing, and it is something that really Honda should have done in the first place, you would need to want the additional trunk space pretty bad to buy it, which was my case. Beings that I am quite mechanical and with the help from a Cruiseman's video, I did not find the install to be too difficult. I was prepared to take whatever time I needed to get it done right, and I spent about four hours altogether. The fit is good and the finish is close to Honda's, but not quiet the same, the color match was spot on. Since I was doing the trunk light at the same time it was quite simple to add, and a nice addition to my 2019 DTC. I also mounted the Honda luggage rack. It was much easier and less time consuming to do it all at once, but it was a little bit disconcerting to drill four holes in my new trunk lid, but Corbin had them all marked out and it went without any issues. The thing to note about this bigger Trunk Lid, is that it is not constructed in the same way as the stock Honda one. It does not have an inner removeable shell, so you are very limited to what you can mount to it from an aftermarket standpoint. I am going to add the Pathfinder Sequential Spoiler Light to mine, but I will have to adapt the wiring to work with this trunk lid. I did talk to Corbin about fitment of after market parts to their Trunk Lid, but their representative said they did not have the resources to check each aftermarket part, in all I did not find them to be helpful.
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