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I have been riding Hondas since 1968, learning to ride on a Honda 90 and then bought a '65 Honda 305 Superhawk as my first bike. I have never owned any other brand of motorcycles. After 47 years why knock a good thing. I also have been a licensed pilot for 33 years and the thrill of biking ranks right up there with sport flying. I also have two brothers who have been lifelong bikers. All three of us each own matching VTX's and enjoy riding together still acting like teenagers some 45 years later. I have formed so many great relationships and friendships with fellow Goldwing riders and touring bike enthusiasts as a result of owning and riding my Goldwing. Live to Ride!
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Black 2002 Honda GL1800

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Black 2005 Honda VTX1800S

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I just installed the Model 519 Chrome on my VTX1800S. It fit nicely in the same location as the stock horn. The stock wiring plugged right in with no changes. Since the Wolo air horn is heavier than the stock horn, I used a sturdier mounting bracket and everything else went into place as advertised. I should have bought one of these Bad Boys a long time ago.
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Original Equipment Spark Plugs

Installed a new set and rode 258 miles right away. It felt like I was riding a brand new Goldwing. I have no idea of the mileage on the previous plugs, but replacing them was very noticeable. A simple chore for some much improved performance.
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Grip End Weights
ITEM CODE: KU6238,   SKU: KU6238

Just installed a pair of these grip end weights today. Love the bold look that they bring to the handlebars. At he same time I replaced the chrome rings with a new pair of gold ones which gives the grips even more distinction. I will ride tomorrow and report whether I concur with all of the positive reviews. Most likely I will agree.
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Optional Longer Stainless Screws

I just replaced the original chrome rings with a pair of gold ones. I like the distinctive contrast that the gold makes on the ends of the grips. I hope that that gold luster lasts for a long time. For the price, replacing them after a reasonable length of time won't be an issue. So 5 Stars for now.
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6 Piece Replacement Fuse Kit for GL1800

Ordered a set of these to have on hand in the event of a fuse failure. I run lots of add-on accessories which are tied into the electrical system. Having spare fuses available can quickly keep me rolling should the need for replacement arise. This fuse kit is somewhat overpriced, thus I'm giving them only 3 Stars.
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ITEM: PG32057

Having control of the airflow beneath the mirrors is a plus. These adjustable wings truly get the job done. They are functional, firmly designed, and the dark smoke finish makes them go well with any color of the Goldwings. They are simple to install and stay in place when adjusted. Easy to clean as well.
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Smoke Windshield Air Vent
ITEM CODE: BB52833,   SKU: BB52833

Nice to have a choice of airflow or no flow. Nice fit with appropriate windshields. I added the front chrome trim and it looks immaculate.
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Chrome Mirror Accents for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52628,   SKU: BB52628

These really give the mirror housings that fast action look that they deserve. These were already on my Wing when I purchased it and I will assume that they have a few years on them. The chrome is starting to show some fading if observed up close as when polishing. I plan to replace the entire housings with the all chrome housings.
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Side Fairing Accents
ITEM CODE: BB52682,   SKU: BB52682

In my opinion, these should come standard on all GL1800's. They add so much Pop to the sides of the fairings. I've added the Predator Accents to mine for a more ferocious look.
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Mirror Trim for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52683,   SKU: BB52683

These chrome trim pieces bring lots of presence to the outer edge of the mirror housings. I have had these for several years now and they are starting to develope tiny feather scratches on the top edge. Too minimal to complain after the number of years that they maintained an unblemished appearance.
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Chrome Handlebar Clamp Plugs
ITEM CODE: BB52627,   SKU: BB52627

Very nice dress up for an otherwise less than noticeable spot on the handlebars. Neatly shaped and they snap right into the heads of the stock screws. Well priced too!
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Chrome Kickstand Spring for GL1800
ITEM CODE: AO451636,   SKU: AO451636

Just replaced the stock spring with this identically designed chrome spring. A much improved appearance for the side kickstand. Simple to install with a pair of vice-grips and a thick screwdriver for leverage. Obviously put your Wing up on the center stand before installing. Very nice price.
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