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Retired, full time rider!

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Red 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour

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Essentials Touring Half Cover
ITEM CODE: BB4-358,   SKU: BB4-358

I just recently purchased this cover for my 2020 Wing and couldn’t be more pleased. It fits the bike perfectly, it’s compact and light, and gives me the protection I want when I’m traveling and want to cover my bike in hotel parking lots at night. I did install 4 grommets to better secure the cover in windy weather, they should consider this at the manufacturer, the factory only has a single tie on each side which is inadequate in even a mild wind.
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J-Cruise II Open Face Helmet Anthracite Metallic

I replaced my older HJC open face with this Shoei J Cruise II and could not be more pleased. I installed my speakers which went in easily however, getting the cheek pads re-installed was a challenge, just need to be patient getting the the two hooks to re-engage. This helmet is significantly quieter than the HJC, very comfortable, and just a few ounces heavier but, I could not tell the difference. Shoei helmets are a premium helmet with a premium price which I don’t mind paying for the safety and comfort they offer. One issue with Shoei, why such a limited color selection? I prefer silver and it’s not offered. Wingstuff as usual shipped the helmet right away and I received it three days after ordering it, great service.
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Twin Rail Footrest Chrome

I bought the driver pedals because I had already installed the Goldstrike Highway Pegs and wanted them to match. Great choice, they are beautiful, fit perfectly, and I appreciate being able to adjust the pitch angle which can’t be done with the OEM pedals. Goldstrike and Wingstuff hit another Home Run with product quality and superior service.
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Spark Plugs for 2018+ Gold Wing

I ordered new plugs for my 2020 Wing per the manufacturer recommendation they be replaced at 16k. The plugs arrives in two days, in perfect condition, and we’re all properly gapped. The old original plugs were in perfect condition but, I replaced them anyway, I’ll wait to replace them next time at at least 30K. Wingstuff service is about the best around, thank you!
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Front Fender Tip Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78250,   SKU: CI78250

I wanted something to break-up all the solid color on the fender and this did the trick. Easy to install, perfect fit, and it looks good but, it’s way over priced for a small piece of plastic.
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Optional Longer Stainless Screws

I was a little disappointed when I received these rings. From the photo it appeared that you would get multiple colors (should have known better) and there was no option to order a specific color so I received chrome. They look good and it fills the void between the end weight and the grip.
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TWINART Radiator Slot Trim Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78370,   SKU: CI78370

These covers look great with all the black on the fairing, fit was perfect, and installation took only minutes.
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Engine Guard Covers Chrome for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: AO45-1622C,   SKU: AO45-1622C

I bought these engine and the saddlebag chrome covers they look great and fit exactly like the OEM covers. The directions for installation are a little thin, you have to remove the light cover and side cover to install these but, it’s very easy.
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Lighted Spoiler w/ Dynamic Sequential Multifunction LED Chrome

I just finished installing this light on my 2020 Wing. The fit and finish is perfect as is the light function and brightness. It’s expensive but, well worth it, visibility from the rear is greatly improved in the daylight as well as after dark.Installation is not difficult but, take your time, can’t afford to make even the slightest mistake when your drilling into the trunk lid. The templates work well for marking the holes to be drilled but, cutting out small round holes in paper is tricky. I used an Exacto Knife and cut the holes leaving the outline of the hole on the paper template which made lining them up fairly easy. I made a couple of copies of the templates and practiced cutting out the holes, glad I did because if you don’t line up the templates perfectly the holes won’t be in the right place.The two sided tape was a little tricky, follow the instructions. I would recommend slicing the the the backing in thirds and again on the outside of where the screws go through. If you carefully bend the backing per the instructions it keeps the tape from sticking until you get the part in position. This is best accomplished if you have 2 people, practice a couple of times before removing the backing, use some tape to mark the placement, remember, you only get one chance to place it correctly.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing G852/G853

I bought this combo and changed both tires even though the front still had quite a bit of tread remaining after 12K miles. I found that changing tires in pairs always gives the best ride something you don’t notice if you replace them one at a time.Wingstuff had the tires delivered to my home in record time which I really appreciate. Wingstuff’s service is always excellent!
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Centramatic Wheel Balancers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-118,   SKU: CTMGW100-118

Centramatic balancers are a must for the Goldwing. I put these on my 2020 when I replaced the tires for the first time. Since I had previously had Centramatic balancers on a Wing I knew what to expect and wasn’t disappointed!The ride is always smooth and the tire wear is is even with no cupping. If you have a Wing these are a must have.
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Vertical Vent Trim Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI78215,   SKU: CI78215

I wasn’t sure I would like this narrow piece of chrome but, once installed I really like them.The fit is perfect however, you need to pre-fit them and use plenty of masking tape to ensure proper positioning prior to installation.
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