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So hard to believe I'm 55 . When i got my bike 14 years ago my wife said i bought a old man bike, Well now at 55 I guess the Goldwing fits. I've been a Paramedic for over 24 years. Everyone asks whats my job like and what I've seen. I tell them I can tell you stories that makes the worst horror movie look like a cartoon but no words could describe my job . You would have to be there.
Now for the fun part, I love my Goldwing just as much as when I got it in 2004 but now due to back problems I don't ride much anymore. Its been a perfect bike 62,000 miles with only a blown fork seal. Normal maintenance Brake pads , 3 sets of Elite 3 Tires. Best tire anywhere ! Wear, Grip , Ride. Perfect. I've rode in everything from 110 Degree heat to 18 Degrees and snow in Gatlinburg. Covered Michigan to New York to Key West . Gotta go west sometime. I don't ride much anymore due to back problems
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I'm not old but I'm gettin a whole lot older everyday.

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Black 2004 Honda GL1800 Goldwing

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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800

I replaced my stock 2004 very scratched shield with the VStream this week. I like the look on the bike. It gives it a more sporty look. I have only rode 100 miles or so. I can't say that I notice a big difference about the wind and actually the wind from the sides seems worse. I'm 5'9 and the vent view/ placement problem I have not noticed. HOWEVER the windshield is optically strange. It distorts around the vent and some at the sides. Below the vent you get a Star Trek warp speed look. I'm a bit bothered but trying to get used to it. My stock vent fit fine but the vent is a pain in the butt anyway. It is thicker and fights being bent around the mounting points. Closing the windshield locks are scary tight. I always run it full up so its not a problem for me. One of the main problems that I give it a 3 Star rating is the fit of the rubber grommet from the fairing. It just don't fit well at all. The sharp curves of the shield leave big gaps. I'm posting pictures of this on my photos . Bottom line is I'm not sold on it and may call Wingstuff about a return. I'll update soon.
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Floorboard Covers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7015,   SKU: KU7015

Looked great , Simple to install and like everything else from Wingstuff was delivered fast . Only problem is they will oxidize I guess would be the term in time. About 3 years in they developed a rough satin type finish but for 35 bucks I got my monies worth I guess.
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Quality EBC Brake Pads

Just replaced my front with EBC's . About 1000 miles so far stopping power seems as good or better than expensive Honda OEM's. I needed mine quick before a trip and bought mine locally at 41.00 a set.
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ITEM: PG00127

This is also something that should come stock on the wing. Very good product can be seen in the day too. Easy install .
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Waterproof Lighted Volt Meter
ITEM CODE: HO37453ZW5000ZA,   SKU: HO37453ZW5000ZA

agree with others a must need for the bike. I can't believe this is not standard equipment. Was easy to install less than a hour.
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